Soapstone’s Practical Charm Featured in Hudson Valley Restaurant

As Brooklynites and NYC residents search for the best weekend trips to get out of the city, many fall in love with the rustic charm of New York’s Hudson Valley. Nestled into the hills of New York, Hudson is a chic little city with a warm and unique restaurant scene.

Wm. Farmer & Sons Exterior – Photography by Jason Linberg

One of the cornerstones of Hudson Valley tourism is Wm. Farmer & Sons, a bustling restaurant, barroom, and café. During the two year renovation of a historic 1830s building, M. Teixeira was given the opportunity to provide soapstone for the bar top, dining tables, espresso bar, and fireplace hearth. M Teixeira Soapstone fabricated the dining tables and bar tops and also performed the installation.

Custom Soapstone Bar Top – Photography by Jason Linberg

Restauranteurs are continuing to choose soapstone for its universal appeal and tough longevity.

Universal Style

Soapstone’s aesthetic fits seamlessly with any design style – whether contemporary modern or barnyard rustic, soapstone has the look to blend in and stand out among any design elements.

Custom Soapstone Dining Table – Photography by Jason Linberg

Utilitarian Purpose

Don’t let its classy look fool you – soapstone is impervious to liquid, stains and acids and can withstand excessive temperatures. This stone is also incredibly hard and will not crack or chip against normal wear and tear.

Custom Soapstone Dining Table – Photography by Jason Linberg

Commercial Soapstone

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