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Select Marbles by M. Teixeira

Many of our customers like to compliment our soapstone with other natural stones such as marble. We have make it easy for our clients by now offering select Marble designed to compliment soapstone and other natural stones. Now our customers can utilize Marble for a kitchen island, bathroom or kitchen countertop. You can now get both your soapstone and marble from one reputable and establish company. At M . Teixeira Soapstone, we have been offering the highest quality soapstone since 1998.

Clients should be aware that unlike soapstone, marbles are porous stones that can stain and require proper sealing to prevent against these stains. We are happy to discuss these details with you so you know how to take care of your marble.

soapstone and marble kitchen countertops

Calacatta Marble (Italy)

Calacatta Marble slab from Italy Calacatta Marble sink and bathroom tile

Carrara StatuarIETTo Marble (Italy)

Carrara Statuarietto Marble slab from Italy Carrara Statuarietto Marble kitchen countertop and backsplash

Carrara VENATINO Marble (Italy)

Carrara Venatino Marble slab from Italy Carrara Venatino Marble bathroom countertop


Calacatta Gold Marble bathroom vanity Vermont Danby Marble Slab from USA


Vermont Danby Marble Slab vein detail


Although we can work with any marble, we focus on certain varieties , listed below:

We accommodate clients who wish to pick their own slabs.

If you wish to use two different kinds of stone in your project, we can discuss design ideas and options. It has become very popular the use of one stone as the main countertops and another one as the center island.

We can also offer different thickness for projects requiring a thicker material, such as 2" or 2 1/2".

Different surface finishes such as polished, leathered or honed, are also available.

Located in Northern New Jersey, you can visit our sister company's website naturalstonetops.com to arrange a showroom appointment.