Every month we have items on sale for each of our locations. For current items on sale at our  Washington DC area, Denver and San Francisco branches, please click that location link or please call them directly to find out what their current sales are.

NO CRATING FEE FOR ANY SHIPMENTS OUT OF OUR NJ WAREHOUSE. This means a considerable reduction  in shipping fees!

East Coast – New Jersey/New York Soapstone Products on Sale

Soapstone Sinks

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All Custom Made Sinks


When ordered with installed or pre fabricated countertops, we are offering 10% off all our custom sink prices. Also, please check out our discounted  soapstone sinks page by clicking here  for a variety of styles and sizes currently on sale.

Sale Price: 10% OFF

Free Backsplash Sale


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This month we are offering a FREE, matching  backsplash , up to 4” high, with your  Belvedere or Kannada Soapstone installed or pre fabricated countertops. Minimum 40 sq.ft. Order applies.

Custom Soapstone Countertops and DIY Slabs




Black Venata Soapstone Installed Countertops


Now 25% OFF all installations in the following NY & NJ counties: Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Rockland. 20% OFF everywhere else within our service area. Minimum countertop order, 40 sq.ft.

Sale Price: Up to 25% OFF




Barroca Soapstone  Sale:

Description: Lot 1088

Now 10% OFF discount on cut to size, pre fabricated or installed orders. Largest seamless size on this offer  is 125″ x 30″

Sale Price: 10% OFF


Barroca Soapstone  Sale:

Description: Lot 1360

Now 15% OFF discount on cut to size, pre fabricated or installed orders. Slab Sizes 123″ x 74″

Sale Price: 15% OFF

P.A. Soapstone Slabs


Slabs now offered at  a 35% discount! These slabs are gorgeous, however, they have 3 to 4  vertical hairline fissures  . Once the slabs are cut to countertops sizes , only a portion of the fissure may be present and they have been repaired with our special soapstone epoxy,  once treated with mineral oil, these fissures are barely  visible.

Note: Slabs size is 98″ x 58″

Sale Price: 35% OFF our regular pricing + we’ll cut to size for free.


Mumbai Black Soapstone


Two Sizes available, 72” x 30”x 1  1/4″ and 84″ x 30″ x 1  1/4″ . Beautiful ash gray before mineral oil treatment , turns into a nice black with white flowing veins after oil or wax treatment.

Sale Price: 25% off regular slab pricing.

Soapstone Tile

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 Soapstone Tiles Sale:

Barroca 12″ x 12″x 1/2″ and  16″ x 16″  x 1/2″

Sale Price: 15% OFF

Other  Natural Stones:

Leathered Finish Pierre Noire Slate

Description: We have seen some companies out there sell this stone as a soapstone, under many different names. This is not a soapstone and should not be priced as such. We are offering this until our supplies last, for only $10.00/sq.ft. 

Slab Sizes: 102″ x 63″ x 3cm thick.Slabs are in perfect condition. We can custom cut to size,  fabricate, or install for an additional labor charge. Please call us to find out more.

Sale Price:  ONLY $10.00 per square foot!

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Honed  Granite

Description: Slab sizes are 111″  x 78″ x 3cm. The slabs are in perfect condition. A decent alternative to soapstone if you are on a budget.

We can custom cut to size, fabricate,  or install  for an additional labor charge. Please call us to find out more.

Sale Price:  Only $10.00 per square foot!

Terms of Sale

  1. Free cut to size is for straight cuts only, no radius cuts.
  2. Sale prices/discounts are not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer, unless otherwise quoted.
  3. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted .
  4. Offers valid for retail clients only.
  5. Sales prices valid through 11/30/2015.