Soapstone is Chemically Inert and is Ideal for Bathroom Countertops

Because of soapstone’s non-porous quality and density it does not absorb water which makes it ideal for many bathroom applications. Other natural stones such as Carrara marble, travertine and granite will eventually be negatively affected by water.

Elegant. Natural. Easy to Maintain

Soapstone is extremely versatile and perfect for any bathroom design. Possible applications for the bathroom include:

  • Soapstone wall tile
  • Soapstone wall slabs
  • Soapstone block sink
  • Soapstone vessel sink
  • Soapstone custom Sink
  • DIY Countertop from a Soapstone Slab
  • Soapstone floor tile
  • Custom soapstone bath tubs
  • Soapstone Shower pans
  • Soapstone spa surrounds