The large hotplate is 3cm (1 1/8″) thick soapstone. The fire bowl is made of weathering steel and the base can be soapstone or weathering steel. Both materials very resistant to the elements and can stay outdoors year round. It’s easy to clean and there is almost no maintenance involved. Any left over food or extra oil can just be scraped into the fire.Just wipe down the hot plate with detergent and water. Next time you use it, just wipe on some olive oil. Great for gathering people around a fire pit while using it for cooking.

Soapstone Plate: 145lbs
Cone: 38lbs
Steel Base: 60lbs
Soapstone base(optional): 350lbs

Price: $2995.00 + $300.00 flat fee shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Delivery Time: Currently 6 to 8 weeks

Dimensions: Please see drawing

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