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Roger Teixeira displays quality soapstone slabs


Soapstones Collections featured by M. Teixeira Soapstone

Our current soapstone collection is imported from Brazil and India.

We also carry a limited quantity of american quarried soapstone

Here you will find our list of select soapstone imported from Brazil and India. All our soapstone varieties are available for shipping throughout the United States. You can order some of these slabs in our online store, and you can order our complete soapstone sample package.

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See Roger Teixeira's note about soapstone hardness.


  Untreated Soapstone Treated Soapstone


Dark gray soapstone before oil or wax treatment, once treated, the stone becomes very dark with very dinstinctive veining. This is a harder than average soapstone due to less talc contents.

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This soapstone truly represents what one expects a soapstone to look like. Very traditional soapstone from the  baroque inspired Mariana region of Brazil. Beautiful light gray ,   turning black with occasional white veining after oil or wax treatment. This is "the classic" soapstone.

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Barroca untreated Barroca treated


This stone has very nice "marble like"veining. After mineral oil treatment it turns into a very dark green color with pronounced white veining.

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Santa Rita Venata soapstone untreated Santa Rita Venata soapstone treated


Very interesting soapstone.A greenish/gray stone before oil treatment .After mineral it becomes a black with green and caramel swirls .

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Heavily veined , this soapstone is an elegant light gray before oil treatment. Immediately after mineral oil applicaiton, the beautiful veining becomes enhanced giving this soapstone a very exotic look.

Perfect to be used as an accent piece with another "quieter" soapstone, such as using Barroca for the main counters and this soapstone on an island.

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Kanada Soapstone - India:

Harder than average soapstone, a dark gray with interesting stripes before oil treatment. A black background with lighter stripes , after mineral oil treatment.

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Harder than average soapstone,a light greenish gray before mineral oil treatment, turning into a very deep dark green after treatment.

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Very unique soapstone. Before oil treatment it is a very elegant charcoal gray with darker lines. After mineral oil treatment the gray gets much darker and the lines blend in.

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Very beautiful and very "alive" stone. If you are looking for a very "striking"look, this is it. These slabs come with a "satin" finish, so they have a slight texture to the touch. A honed finish is also available .

NEW ARRIVAL (04/03/14)

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In addition to our large inventory of slabs, we also have a large inventory of recycled and remnant pieces offered at a 35% discount.

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All soapstones listed are in stock.

Soapstone is a product of nature, and each piece is unique in character. Although these pictures are a very close representation of each soapstone type, some people may expect an exact replica of these pictures which is something we cannot guarantee. These pictures may not be an exact representation of the full soapstone slab.