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Soapstone kitchen countertop


Soapstone Kitchen & Countertops

Soapstone has earned its way back into American homes today.

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Homeowners who want an exquisite and exclusive product in their home are choosing soapstone countertops over granite and other surfaces due to many good reasons:


The different looks you can achieve with Soapstone:


Natural: You can just leave your countertops untreated if you like soaptone's s light gray color.

If you choose this option, you will eventually get oil and other spills on the soapstone. That will darken the soapstone in spots, but will not stain it, since soapstone is non porous. You can either clean it a common household cleaner or you can use a brillo pad to clean that spot. Remember, anything that you get on the soapstone surface, will not penetrate it, so let's say you spill sauce or wine at a party, but want to wait until next morning to clean it, no problem!

Aged: This is many people's favourite look. When you first oil the soapstone, because the oil won't penetrate , it will eventually fade, and eventually return to it's original light gray color, or very close to it.If you oil the soapsotne once or twice and never oil it again, it will have that aged, charcoal look.

Oiled: If you like the soapstone to always look "perfect", and like it was just installed, you will need to apply periodical coats of mineral oil or another enhancer until the stone develops a permanent patina on the surface.

One great feature of soapstone, is the fact that you can reverse any of the above mentioned looks , forever, and occasionally have different color counters, depending on your mood. All of this is done simply by applying and/or removing the mineral oil.

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Drain Board and Edge Options:

We can offer any of the same edging available in other natural stones , although the most popular for soapstone, is just and "eased" edge which is basically a very slight round over. We will discuss with you all options available.

We currently offer threee different drainboard styles:

Traditional Grooves


Traditional Grooves: Depending on the width of your sink, there are usually 8 runnels, 16" to 18" in lenght , from 0 to 1/2" slope. More of a traditional look.

British: Very popular in the UK, this more contemporary drainboard is a flat surface with a 1/2" slope and a 1/4" lip around the sloped area.

European: Also a contemporary look, this drainboard is just a "clean" flat surface sloped 1/2".

Soapstone Do It Yourself Countertops:

Are you a Do It Yourselfer interested in reducing your countertops cost, sometimes up to 50 or 60 percent?

Why pay us or anyone else to fabricate your counters if you can do it yourself with our pre cut slabs and flexible options of ordering?

Check out our "do it yourself" page for additional information.

We offer many different DIY options, depending on how much you want to do, or how little.

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