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Soapstone Kitchenware

Our beautiful soapstone comes from Brazil, where it has been used in cooking for centuries. Our all natural soapstone kitchenware products have a beautiful, smooth non-porous finish.

The benefits of cooking with all natural soapstone include:

The thermal qualities of soapstone work both ways, hot or cold, which makes soapstone also great to keep what needs to stay cool, cool. Soapstone wine coolers and beer mugs are very efficient at keeping the liquids cold. Soapstone pots, pans and servers will keep savory dishes warm at the dinner table.

In the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, specially in the historic towns, such as Ouro Preto, soapstone cookware is virtually the only material used for cooking and serving.

Our soapstone kitchenware makes wonderful unique gifts that people will love. Complete curing and care instructions are included with each item.

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