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Homeowners, architects, and designers who want a beautiful, unique and exclusive product for their project are choosing soapstone over granite, quartz, porcelain, and other surfaces. Learn about the benefits of durable soapstone and find inspiration for your next renovation project.

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Our soapstone is directly sourced from select domestic and international soapstone quarries, by our founder Roger Teixeira, since 1998.

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Visit one of our showrooms to see and feel our soapstone in a variety of applications, or contact us for more information on custom installations and shipping.

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We offer custom design, fabrication, and installation of soapstone and other materials.

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Stormy Black Soapstone

Lot 1252 pictured above

Manhattan Gray Soapstone

Lot 2027 pictured above

Alberene American Soapstone

Lot 28008 picture above

What Is Soapstone?

Soapstone has been used for centuries—first for laundry tubs, sinks, and bathtubs, with recent popularity for countertops, woodstoves, and floor tiles. Explore the history of this durable material and find inspiration for your own home improvement project.

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Learn about soapstone, see our latest installations and projects, and get inspired for your own soapstone countertop, sink, tub, or flooring project. Our blog includes soapstone information, care and maintenance tips, and industry news.