How to Care For and Maintain Soapstone Countertops

By December 1, 2008December 30th, 2021Soapstone, Soapstone Countertop Care

For those that want to enjoy the darker color of a soapstone countertop, mineral oil can be used to bring out the rich beauty of the stone. Once your soapstone countertop is installed, follow these simple care tips and maintenance instructions:

  1. Vacuum the countertop to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Clean the countertop with a clean cloth and denatured alcohol.
  3. Once the alcohol dries apply mineral oil to the countertop with a soft cloth. Avoid making puddles of oil.
  4. Wipe off any access with paper towel.
  5. Continue to apply the oil twice a week until the desired patina and color is acquired.
  6. Follow-up with an application every one to three months to maintain the desired effect.

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