How to Decorate Your Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

To fully enjoy your beautiful soapstone kitchen countertops, it’s time to clear the clutter and bring in decorative elements to enhance the look of your entire kitchen. The first order of business is to stow away any appliances you don’t use on a daily basis for a streamlined appearance, then consider our most popular countertop décor ideas to make your soapstone surfaces really stand out. These design tips may also suit your soapstone bathroom, so you may decide to implement some of these ideas throughout the house.

Quick Tips for Reducing Countertop Clutter

1) Keep your countertop appliances to a minimum. While a toaster, coffee pot, or juicer may be used daily, appliances that are used less often can be tucked away until you need them. Tuck away the bread maker, slow cooker, rice maker, and air fryer for a neater workspace. When planning for a kitchen redesign, you may find that an island with plenty of storage space helps keep the countertops more tidy.

2) Ditch the soap packaging for prettier options. Store your dish soap and hand soap in pretty glass or decorative bottle dispensers, rather than the original plastic packaging. Even better, this allows you to buy your soaps in bulk refill packages, which helps reduce the amount of plastic waste you’re producing—which is both eco-friendly and economical.

3) Designate storage space to keep items neat. Consider a tray for incoming mail, a pretty basket or bowl for loose produce or odds and ends, and high shelves to fill unused space for storing cookbooks out of the way. You may even find that a rustic open shelf works well to display empty floral vases or stemware.

4) Create a separate space to house your coffee maker, mugs, and accessories. Choose a discounted soapstone remnant or piece together recycled soapstone tiles to create a coordinated countertop to build a coffee or wine bar that can be tucked into an otherwise underutilized space. A stone-topped sideboard or beverage station keeps your coffee, tea, and bar essentials off the main counter, and complements your kitchen counters. White marble offers a striking contrast against darker stone countertops, while soapstone is often preferred as it resists stains and acids, making it perfect for a coffee or wine bar surface.

5) Neatly group light-colored accessories for your countertops. Prop up a marble or light-hued cutting board against the wall, decorate with clusters of gorgeous antique white milk glass pieces, or group your most-used spices, utensils, and gadgets on a colorful tray. These pieces can help darker counters pop, especially when neatly organized in ways that draw the eye.

Décor Ideas for Soapstone Countertops

Now that your space is cleared, you’re ready for a fresh start. For inspiration, consider these easy kitchen countertop décor ideas, and explore our additional tips for darkening soapstone surfaces.

Botanical Influences Brighten Your Kitchen Countertops

Bring greenery into your space with potted plants to suit your style: Group easy-care cacti and succulents in a corner, fill unused space with a leafy green ivy, or create an edible herb garden near a large window for décor that does double duty. You can also add a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers to bring the outside, in.

Turn the Necessities Into Display Pieces

Create a mini table-scape on a serving tray for a look that’s both practical and decorative: Try two coffee cups, a sugar bowl, elegant napkins, and spoons. For wine lovers, a few wine glasses and a bottle of wine do the trick.

A bowl or basket of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables can add a splash of color, especially in corner spaces. Bring a rainbow of colors to the kitchen with apples, squash, oranges, peppers, lemons, and limes.

Fill glass jars or antique containers with the essentials—sugar cubes, tea bags, coffee grounds, dry rice, or other loose items you use regularly—to keep the packaging and boxes out of sight.

How to Brighten a Kitchen With Dark Countertops

Whether you choose to DIY your soapstone countertops or are working with a designer, these decorating tips will help you lighten up the room—especially if you’re installing darker counters.

Amp Up the Lighting

Use natural light to your advantage—keep the window sills clutter-free to allow as much sunlight in as possible—and bring in elements that offer warmth. Candles are a great option to infuse a space with coziness. A pair of tall glass hurricane candle holders are elegant, and the height draws the eye to make a space feel larger and brighter. Choose hurricane candle fillers that reflect the season: Our favorite ideas for natural candle holder fillers include cranberries, lentils, beans, sand, or coffee beans. Clear glass beads and marbles designed for use in hurricane candle holders are wonderful options that catch and distribute light. Punched tin lanterns are another rustic option that looks wonderful with the backdrop of stone: Choose a metallic or dark-hued lantern, or opt for a painted lantern in white or an accent shade for little pops of color.

Complement Counters With Lighter Elements

Pairing soapstone countertops with a backsplash featuring soapstone or another natural stone—creates a decorative installation that makes a bold statement that helps shape your kitchen’s aesthetic. But, you may find that you need to break up the dark surfaces to keep them from overwhelming the space.

If you’ve chosen soapstone for your countertops, perhaps you’ll want to use marble or quartzite for your island or breakfast bar surface. Oyster white marble is a bright, elegant offering that pairs beautifully with the richness of soapstone. Paring two stone types is a classy option that brightens the space. Take cues from the hues, veining, and patterning of the stones you’ve installed as you continue to create a space that suits you.

Break up the space and bring in some brightness when you work both into your kitchen design. Other ways to lighten up spaces with dark countertops include bringing in stainless steel appliances, choosing light-colored cabinets, opting for glossy tiles for backsplashes or walls, and choosing wall sconces and recessed lighting for additional brightness.

Does Soapstone Need to Be Oiled?

Oiling soapstone deepens the color and draws out the natural movement created by the veining, but oiling is not required. Before decorating, decide if you want to oil your countertops to darken them, or not—it all depends on what look you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind that not oiling your countertops won’t fully them from darkening: Untreated soapstone develops a natural patina, which may be more prominent across the most-used sections of the countertop. This natural aging brings its own decorative rustic element to your space, which may be just the look you’re going for.

When you are all done, sit back and enjoy the look of your stunning—and tidy—soapstone kitchen countertop. For more inspiration and soapstone care tips, explore our blog.