Introducing our New Soapstone Pizza Stone

By December 3, 2014November 18th, 2021Baking with Soapstone

Our hand crafted Soapstone Pizza Stone, made in New Jersey, will give your pizza a wonderful crustiness, similar to what you would experience from a commercial brick oven pizza.Soapstone Pizza Stone

Due to the thermal properties of soapstone, the heat is evenly distributed across the stone, resulting in a perfectly cooked pizza.

More Than Just a Pizza Stone

Your pizza stone does double-duty as a serving tray or large trivet, and is ideal for cheese platters, sushi and cold cuts.  When placed in the refrigerator, the stone will retain a cold temperature which is ideal for keeping food items cool.

How to Order Your Soapstone Pizza Stone

You can order your Soapstone Pizza Stone from our online store.  It makes a unique gift that will surely impress your friends and family. Each pizza stone is unique with natural veining and color variations.

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