Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Soapstone Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen installation with solid soapstone backsplash and countertops

Get the most out of your kitchen renovation by installing a natural soapstone backsplash, an affordable way to add value to your home and bring longevity to your remodel. Traditional subway tiles and man-made materials can be costly and difficult to install. An earth- and budget-friendly soapstone backsplash enhances the look of your kitchen while improving its function and durability.

1) A Soapstone Backsplash Protects Your Renovated Walls

Avoid needing to touch up your renovation later by installing a natural stone backsplash. It protects your walls from dirt, moisture, and prevents mildew-causing bacteria from forming—it’s extra insurance that your renovation will last. Even if you’re careful, it’s inevitable that some amount of food splatter or water spray will hit your walls. Once it soaks in, there isn’t much you can do. When you install a solid stone backsplash, the splatter can’t penetrate the nonporous material so you can easily wipe it clean or dry it to prevent stains, water damage, bacteria growth in the wall materials. 

2) Soapstone Is an Easy-Maintenance Backsplash Option

One of the best benefits of a soapstone backsplash is its easy maintenance. Whether you choose subway tiles or install a solid slab backsplash, this natural material does not require sealant. You can apply mineral oil on your backsplash and soapstone countertops to speed up the natural aging process or leave them as-is. Either way, the nonporous surfaces are stain proof and resist moisture, and scuffs and damage are easy to sand or smooth out, making soapstone a long-lasting choice for any kitchen renovation.

3) Soapstone Is a Durable Backsplash Material

Soapstone is also a top-choice material for a kitchen update because of its timeless durability. The kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in your home, so it is important to choose a stone backsplash that can withstand such a heavy-use area. Soapstone gives you the durability you’re looking for without a hefty budget. It’s resistant to scuffs, won’t crack like glass or ceramic tiles, and is inexpensive to repair scratches with mineral oil or a light sanding. Soapstone’s heat resistance means it can safely be installed behind all your countertop appliances and range without worrying about damage due to heat transfer. Pair your backsplash with a soapstone kitchen sink for a high-performing, low-maintenance duo.

4) Backsplash Tiles Look Designer Without the Cost

Soapstone backsplash tiles are an affordable way to update your kitchen with a custom look. Explore soapstone mosaic tiles in subway, hexagon, or herringbone shapes for a designer feel that adds interest to your space. A shaped tile backsplash pairs nicely with any solid soapstone countertop or floor tile. Choosing tile for your backsplash gives you flexibility when installing a shorter backsplash or fitting into smaller areas. Tiles also give you opportunities to customize your look by installing horizontally or vertically, choosing your tile pattern, spacing, and grout style. 

5) Slab Soapstone Backsplashes Continuously Impress

For an all-out kitchen update that won’t break your budget, shop soapstone backsplash slabs. The continuous stone is sleek and contemporary with minimal grout lines or interruptions. Slabs are often used in modern kitchens but can be a dramatic pairing with toned-down cabinets or rustic styles too. Order your soapstone sample pack to choose your perfect color. Solid soapstone is extra sleek while soapstone with veined lines is a fantastic, affordable design element to naturally draw the eye and become a focal point of your kitchen. For a bold kitchen update, install matching soapstone countertops too. 

Soapstone is a favorite material whether you’re doing a total kitchen overhaul or a modest update. The durable, long-lasting material is a smart way to add value to your home. Choose tile or a  continuous slab backslash to get a look you love without sacrificing function or durability, or request a quote for installing custom soapstone countertops to complete the look. Explore our blog for more soapstone information and inspiration.