Solid Soapstone Backsplash

By April 27, 2015July 9th, 2015Soapstone Backsplash, Soapstone Countertop

A solid soapstone backsplash is often praised by interior designers for the stunning effect they have on a kitchen. While the effect is luxurious and customized, part of the appeal is that a solid backsplash does not require an extravagant budget. Many homeowners are looking for affordable ways to update their kitchen, and a solid backsplash can be the answer.

Contemporary Slab Soapstone Backsplash

The solid, unbroken surface of a soapstone slab backsplash creates a bigger and bolder effect than traditional subway tile. Homeowners can have the best of both worlds when using stone; it yields a contemporary look and timeless durability. Stylistically, stone marbling is a fantastic design element on a soapstone backsplash, as the eye is naturally drawn to vertical surfaces before horizontal.

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When using veined soapstone as a solid backsplash, many designers have found success in combining simpler, more toned-down materials in the composition of a kitchen. For instance, you may pair a soapstone backsplash with grained wooden cabinets, a matching island, and a solid (un-veined) countertop surface. For this concept, designers recommend sticking to no more than three materials, to avoid clashing.

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