About Classic & Sophisticated Barroca Soapstone


Each of our nationwide warehouses has been receiving gorgeous soapstone slabs from the Barroca quarry. The stone pictured here is from a recent lot of Barroca™ soapstone from this region and shows the traditional, quiet design that’s often quarried from this location. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from this classic stone in kitchen or bathroom applications. Choosing Barroca soapstone brings a refined look and beneficial characteristics to your home, plus you’ll love our options to customize your pieces using our fabrication services.

What Is Barroca Soapstone?

Barroca soapstone is a metamorphic rock variety quarried in the Mariana region of Brazil. This part of the world is abundant in minerals and is known for producing some of the most classic-looking soapstones. The average composition of Barroca soapstone slabs is nearly 50% talc, so it is ideal for architectural uses in home furnishings and fixtures. Trust that natural slabs from the Barroca quarry have all of the nonporous, nonabsorbent, heat-resistant characteristics you’ve come to expect from soapstone.

What Does Barroca Soapstone Look Like?

Barroca soapstone is called a “classic soapstone” because of its traditional gray appearance. These beautiful light gray slabs turn to a rich black after oil or wax treatment, and they also darken with natural aging. Barroca veining has a quieter, more understated look than other stone varieties. Carbonite veining occurs when a metamorphic rock is formed and is influenced by pressure and force and varies slightly slab-to-slab. View our current selection of Barroca soapstone to see the magnificent variances a single quarry provides, from almost no veining to thin, but noticeable, lines. 

Best Uses for Barroca Soapstone 

When it comes to where to use Barroca soapstone, it’s a perfect option to add sophistication and style to your kitchen countertops, backsplash, tile flooring, and any other area, inside or out. This natural gray material can be used as a focal point bringing out its fine black finish or downplayed for a complementary natural element in your home’s design. Beyond its look, Barroca soapstone offers heat-resistance, strength, anti-bacterial, and non-porous qualities, perfect when installed in your kitchen, bath, or outdoor living space.

Kitchen Countertops Crafted of Barroca Soapstone

Kitchen countertops made from Barroca soapstone slabs are as durable as they are eye-catching. Because the slabs from this quarry have slightly more subtle veining, it is ideal for covering large areas while still letting other design elements in your home stand out. Its resistance to stains and heat are often why Barroca soapstone is chosen for kitchens. You can trust that your countertops are naturally sealed against bacteria, keeping food prep areas free from harsh cleaners, sealers, and solvents, plus hot pans can be set down on the surface without leaving a mark! 

Add a Barroca Soapstone Backsplash

Not only does Barroca soapstone give your kitchen a sophisticated look with its light gray coloring, but it protects your walls very effectively because it is nonporous. This stone won’t absorb any liquids, so it won’t stain from food splatter. It’s also heat resistant so you can use it continuously through your whole kitchen—including behind your stovetop and appliances—without worrying about heat-transfer damage. Installing this subtle gray as an uninterrupted backsplash provides sleek styling with practical protection while ensuring other featured materials in your kitchen don’t lose focus. 

Spa-Like Barroca Soapstone Bathroom Installations

Choose Barroca for your bathroom applications for its nonporous and thermal qualities. Since the stone will not absorb liquids, it ensures surfaces remain hygienic without a lot of extra scrubbing, and you won’t have to rely on harsh cleaners to remove germs. Using soapstone for your soaking tub really highlights this stone’s thermal abilities, too—the nature of the stone means that the tub will lock in and radiate heat to keep bath water warmer for longer than other tubs. Additionally, Barroca bathroom floor tiles have a natural softness that is satisfying and soft underfoot, and it doesn’t become slippery when wet, providing a safe solution for moisture-rich environments.

Create Designer Accent Elements Using Barroca Soapstone

This soapstone’s semi-neutral coloring allows it to effectively accent or complement other design elements in your home. The soft gray natural stone pairs easily with white cabinets or dark countertops. You can install this soapstone variety as a small prep area countertop or coffee bar without overshadowing another stone meant to be the focus. Age the soapstone’s appearance by oiling for darker accent pieces. Barroca offers plenty of flexibility to mesh with any change in your home design. 

Custom Barroca Soapstone Design, Fabrication, and Installation

We’re happy to offer full services for your Barroca soapstone project, including slab selection, custom fabrication, and installation to suit your design vision. Barroca is perfect both indoors and outdoors, so there’s no end to the possibilities, with options for custom countertop edging, cut-to-size DIY kits, integrated sinks designs, and specialty carving.
There are many looks you can achieve from Barroca soapstone from varying the mineral treatments to custom fabrication details—let us know what you have in mind or request a quote today. Visit our blog for renovation inspiration, soapstone projects we’ve completed, and options to spark your own home renovation ideas.