Soapstone Furniture & Counters for Outdoor Living Spaces

Our outdoor soapstone chairs, chaise lounges, and tables look like works of art—because they are! Our contemporary patio furniture pieces are designed by Brazilian artists Souza and Zanini, and because they’re hand-carved—directly from solid blocks resulting in 1¾ to 2 inches of thick natural stone—each is unique.

Heavy-duty soapstone benches and chairs offer high tolerance for hot and cold conditions due to the stone’s thermal qualities, so they can withstand a range of weather conditions. Soapstone patio chairs won’t break down from sun exposure or corrode from sea spray, nor will they wear out from years of use. Skip lugging your patio furniture in and out of storage: Keep your soapstone seating and tables out all year, even in the winter, without harm. Arrange our outdoor soapstone furniture to create artistic, sophisticated, and useful seating areas in your yard or on your pool deck that will last season after season.

Custom, Decorative Soapstone Sculptures


No two soapstone slabs are identical, so it is an ideal material for one-of-a-kind carvings for your home. We offer 7 sizes of soapstone sculpture blocks for carving that are 10 inches thick, ranging from 20 inches to 31 inches in length. Our carving-grade soapstone is dense, but relatively soft, so it can even be used for complicated carvings or a variety of fabrication options. You’ll discover as your sculpture ages, the rich black color and veining only make it a more beautiful decoration that will last for generations.

If you have an idea for a sculpture or decorative soapstone element, let our experts help before you commission your own artist. We have years of experience crafting and fabricating soapstone: We understand its capabilities and can make sure your sculpture exceeds your expectations.

Soapstone Outdoor Floor Tiles

Whether you’re in the stages of designing the ultimate backyard or updating your deck, our soapstone pool and patio tiles are ideal for outdoor flooring, walkways, and design features. Soapstone’s soft texture feels great on bare feet, making it a pleasing option for flooring in pool or patio areas. Plus, it doesn’t become slippery when it’s wet, making soapstone floor tiles ideal for pool, patio, and outdoor kitchen walkways where wet foot traffic and rain are probable.

Maintaining your pool deck and paths is easier with soapstone, too: There’s no sealing or yearly upkeep, light scratches can be easily buffed out, and you don’t have to worry about cracks developing like with poured concrete walkways. Nonporous soapstone outdoor pool and patio floor tiles can be hosed off for a quick, easy clean.

Furnishings are often as much about practicality as aesthetics. Our contemporary soapstone outdoor furniture, floor tiles, and countertops bring sophistication and easy maintenance to any backyard or patio. Explore more tips for using soapstone throughout your home and outdoor living areas.