Renovate & Save with DIY Soapstone Kitchen Counters

If the heart and soul of your home—the kitchen—is ready for some rehab, make it easier on yourself and your budget with DIY soapstone countertops. Most home renovations can be an expensive undertaking, and custom kitchens with professional installation are at the top of that list. To save money, consider DIY countertops made from soapstone, a material that is long-lasting, attractive, and easy to work with. If that sounds worth your sweat equity, M. Teixeira Soapstone offers a Kitchen-to-Go Soapstone Counter Kit for DIYers like you. Read on to see how you can make your own custom kitchen counters that are affordable and have all the advantages—and then some—of a traditional stone surface. 

Custom Counters Without the Contractor Costs

The ease of working with soapstone means you can DIY your own custom kitchen countertops without paying for the cost of a contractor. Steatite, another name for soapstone, doesn’t require specialty tools for cutting or sanding, so you won’t need to call in the pros for installation. You likely have the equipment to install your own soapstone countertops using our Kitchen-To-Go-Kit. You’ll get the pride of a DIY well done, plus save a lot of money in your kitchen renovation budget. If you’re more than a little handy, shop our selection of budget soapstone slabs, too.


Soapstone Is Ideal for DIY Kitchens 

Self-installing your soapstone counters not only saves you money, but it’s a great way to ensure that your DIY kitchen isn’t ruined in a d-a-y thanks to the heat and stain resistance of the stone. Whether the kitchen is your family’s activity hub, the drop zone, or your personal sourdough sanctuary, soapstone is a smart solution for countertops that can handle it all without staining. Denser than marble, slate, limestone, and even granite, this remarkably durable material is virtually impervious to stains. Soapstone’s nonporous surface won’t permanently discolor from a coffee cup ring, wine spill, or household cleaner. Its hard, heat-resistance means you’re safe from burn marks or cracks from hot pans, too. 

Soapstone Offers Low Maintenance, High Value

DIYing your countertop takes a little work upfront, but the years of low maintenance are well worth it. Soapstone is easy to care for whether in your kitchen, for your bathroom sink and tub, or for your outdoor living space. The solid surface resists bacteria and germs, which is a huge bonus for increased hygiene. Worry less about wear-and-tear, and quickly care for minor scratches and scrapes with the right maintenance wax and oils. Your Do-It-Yourself project will Pay-for-Itself as the surface outlasts other materials, aging to an organic, vintage-looking patina. Whether you speed up its aging with mineral oils or waxing or leave it untreated, you can look forward to your soapstone looking more unique and attractive as time passes without additional work.

Choose Your Soapstone Fabrication Level

Our soapstone DIY counter kit has multiple options, so you decide what the “it” in Do-It-Yourself means.

  • Choose Complete DIY to do it all—you’ll receive a slab to cut, fabricate, and install.
  • If you’re less comfortable, consider our custom Cut-to-Size offerings—we cut the pieces to your specifications, with or without a finished edge, and you install.
  • We also offer Full Prefabrication: We do all the prep and you receive finished countertops, ready to install.

Whatever package you choose, you’ll save money compared to ordering out-of-the-box with a professional kitchen renovator.

Recently, homeowners Matt and Laura reached out to report their success with our DIY kit and soapstone sink, and they shared this message: 

“I have never worked with stone countertops before and I want your customers to know how easy soapstone is to work with. I was very nervous to take on this project, but it was not technically difficult and the end result exceeded my expectations.”

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to fabricate or install your own soapstone countertops, and we’re available to answer questions from start to finish. The end result—an attractive, durable countertop—returns on your sweat equity for years to come. The hardest thing for you to decide on now is the best soapstone, so order a sample pack to explore our available color choices and explore our blog for inspiration.