Choose Soapstone Bar Top & Tables for Commercial Spaces

M Teixeira Soapstone helped create a sizzling ambiance at COTE, New York City’s “First Korean Steakhouse,” through our professional soapstone fabrication and installation services. Restaurateurs Simon Kim and David Shim chose soapstone for their eatery to take advantage of a material that holds up to heavy use while maintaining a classy aesthetic. We proudly assisted them with the soapstone selection, fabrication, and installation for COTE, including dining tables, bathroom vanities, and custom-engraved door pulls. Read on to see how the benefits of soapstone make it the ideal material for any high-use, high-end commercial space.

Melissa Hom
Photo: Melissa Hom

Soapstone’s Nonporous Surface Is Durable

Soapstone bars and tabletops hold up remarkably well against everything from a hot serving plate to a spilled martini. The nonporous material is denser than both granite and limestone so it cannot be penetrated by liquids or stained by any spill. The surface will also not be harmed by excessive temperatures, which is essential for COTE, an establishment known for its tabletop grills. The neutral chemical composition of soapstone also makes it immune to corrosives, harsh chemicals, and acidic substances, so any cleaner that is accidentally or intentionally used on the surface won’t damage it.
Besides dining tables, COTE also implemented soapstone bathroom vanities, which offer nonporous properties for resistance to mildew and bacteria—a bonus for any commercial space looking to improve health and safety measures.

Melissa Hom
Photo: Melissa Hom

Soapstone Makes High-End, Attractive Surfaces

Soapstone’s exquisite appearance can improve the visual appeal of any restaurant, cocktail lounge, or eatery. Rich colors and contrasting veining provide a high-end, classic look that won’t feel dated.

While there are numerous varieties of soapstone, many find that whichever slabs they choose for their commercial bar tops or tables will coordinate perfectly with wood accents or other stone materials for a natural look. Additionally, a high-end soapstone surface makes the perfect background for foodies capturing photos of their meals and cocktails. Beyond looks, count on the stone’s velvety smooth surface to leave a memorable tactile impression with patrons.

Soapstone Is Easy to Maintain

Choosing low-maintenance soapstone for tabletops, bars, and other surfaces can improve your staff’s efficiencies, too. Help servers focus on providing exceptional service rather than time-consuming table or bar top maintenance: Because nonporous soapstone doesn’t absorb bacteria, doesn’t need to be coddled—you can use any cleaning solution you like—waitstaff can clean and reset a table quicker, without worrying about which chemicals are safe to use on the stone surface.
Occasionally treating the surface with mineral oil is recommended if you enjoy the way it darkens or want to remove light scratches, but it’s not required for the longevity of the stone, nor would that treatment be needed between guests.

Melissa Hom
Photo: Melissa Hom

Soapstone Lasts for Long-Term Installations

It’s not unheard of to find 19th-century soapstone sinks and wood-burning stoves that are still performing like new because it is such a long-lasting material. Soapstone’s beneficial qualities give it longevity which can be difficult to find with other natural stone surfaces. This charming (yet tough) material is a lifetime investment that will host evenings out for years to come—maybe even for the great-grandchildren of tonight’s table of two. It is naturally resistant to cracking due to its composition, and light scratches can be easily sanded out and restored. Feel free to use soapstone in outdoor applications including dining areas or patio bar tops; it will not fade, discolor, or weaken from direct UV light. The stone will age gradually, but that patina only adds to its attractive appearance.

Engraved Soapstone Creates Custom Features

As you enter COTE, you’ll notice the engraved soapstone door pulls—this was one of the fabrications we were happy to create. Not only does soapstone’s coloring look fantastic against the glass doors, but it also sets the stage for the high-end meal awaiting patrons. Carved soapstone can be used for installations in any commercial space, from a fireplace to a natural stone sculpture. Whether you’re enhancing the theme of a restaurant or club, soapstone is the perfect material for any decorative application. 

Contact us for a free quote for your commercial application to see how soapstone can improve your space with efficiency and style. View our commercial portfolio to see applications for your dining area, cocktail bar top, or decorative touches. From selecting the stone to the final installation, we’re ready to help!