Forbes Magazine Features an Article on Soapstone Countertops

By November 6, 2019February 17th, 2021Industry News, Soapstone Countertop, Soapstone Sinks

We love everything Soapstone, so we were excited when we saw Forbes Magazine’s recent article, “Why Soapstone Is Ideal for Kitchen Countertops and Sinks.” The article offers a detailed overview of soapstone, from its history to origin and its most common applications today.


The article also notes the many benefits of soapstone countertops:

  • Soapstone is non-porous
  • Soapstone is durable and dense
  • Soapstone is a maintenance-free material
  • Soapstone is resistant to bacteria, stains, acids, chemicals, wine, and heat
  • Soapstone does not require sealing, keeping chemicals out of the kitchen
  • Soapstone thaws food quickly because it absorbs the temperature of its environment

Beyond its practical benefits, this beautiful natural stone adds style to both traditional and modern spaces. It develops a beautiful patina with age, which can be allowed to evolve naturally or evened and deepened by oil application.

The article, written by Sheri Koones, is a great overview of the benefits of using soapstone for indoor or outdoor countertops.
To read the complete article click here.

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