What Is Spider Soapstone?

Margarida is a charcoal gray soapstone variety with plenty of stark white veins that flow throughout the surface. The abundant veining pattern in Margarida resembles an intricate spider web, leading to the nickname Spider Soapstone. Once treated with wax or mineral oil, the veins and details in a Margarida soapstone slab brighten as the background takes on a deep, dark charcoal color that’s almost black. As one of the boldest soapstone varieties available, Spider soapstone makes a stunning addition to a kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or commercial space

Where Does Spider Soapstone Come From?

Margarida soapstone is a metamorphic rock quarried in Brazil that consists primarily of magnesium mineral talc. It’s soft and smooth to the touch, but very dense and nonporous. Brazilian soapstone comes from a quarry in the state of Minas Gerais, over 2,500 miles away from the Amazon Rainforest. Spider and other Brazilian soapstone varieties have become very popular in home renovation projects due to their strength, durability, and versatility. 

Margarida Soapstone Is Tough

Like other soapstone varieties, durable Margarida is mold-resistant and impervious to acids and bacteria. It’s the perfect natural stone for kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, and other indoor applications where water exposure is inevitable. Due to its extreme heat resistance, Margarida soapstone is ideal for fireplace surrounds and wall tile behind and around the kitchen stove. And Margarida soapstone won’t fade in the sunlight, even when exposed for many hours a day, so it is suitable for exterior applications. 

Applications for Margarida Soapstone

Increase the visual appeal in a kitchen with Margarida soapstone in a striking spiderweb pattern. When fabricated into a soapstone countertop, sink, or kitchen island, Margarida draws the eye and captures attention. Margarida soapstone does not get slippery when wet, which is why it is a preferred option for shower pans and tiles

Commercial applications for natural soapstone include tabletops, backsplashes, and wall tiles—and because it is heat- and water-resistant, these soapstone installations easily stand up to heavy use and regular cleaning. Exterior signage constructed of this gorgeous natural stone will stand out outside a bar, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial facility.

When Margarida soapstone sits in the sun, the background becomes deeper and the spider-web-style veining more dramatic. Enhance the landscape, pool area, or an outdoor kitchen, with soapstone cladding, patio tiles, and retaining walls.

Choose Spider Soapstone for Home Renovations

The water-, heat-, and acid-resistant qualities of spider soapstone make it a smart choice in home renovation projects in any space, including the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, and outdoor living spaces. Spider soapstone’s naturally intense appearance improves the character of any area of your home—whether it’s a kitchen countertop, bathroom sink, or entryway floor tile update. And while granite, marble, and other natural stones require special treatments to maintain beauty and strength, you can simply clean up spills and wipe down surfaces regularly with mild soap to keep soapstone surfaces brilliant. Create a low-maintenance kitchen when you choose soapstone for your next home renovation project.

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