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Modern Marble Renovation in a Trendy Brooklyn Home

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Calacatta Marble by M Teixeira Soapstone

Photography by Max Burkhalter

One of our favorite marble renovation projects we worked on with New York-based fashion stylist Katie Mossman. The finished remodel of her stunning Brooklyn home was featured in Architectural Digest. She wanted to invoke the essence of sunny Baja, California, and it’s safe to say she succeeded. The bright and airy space features many mid-century modern pieces, which are elevated by high ceilings, smooth and modern stone, and a delightful neutral-white color palette.

We had the pleasure of fabricating and installing several marble pieces in this magazine-worthy home, each one competing for the title of pièce de résistance. Read about the work we completed—including a marble kitchen island, fireplace mantel, and bathroom remodel—and explore ideas and inspiration for how to incorporate these stone elements in your own home build or remodel.

Cozy, Custom Marble Fireplace Surround

In Katie Mossman’s renovated living space, the marble fireplace installation provides a gentle focal point and anchor for the seating area, which features her most-loved chair collection. The breathtaking white Arabescato marble fireplace was fabricated with just the right touch of gray veining to add movement and visual interest to the space. Though modern in design, this fireplace installation suggests coziness and comfort.

Incorporate this look in your home: For your remodel, consider using soapstone firebrick to improve the heat efficiency, and complete your design with a fireplace mantel as the installation’s centerpiece.

Modern Marble Kitchen Island & Countertop

A modern kitchen isn’t complete without an island, and with the right marble countertop installation, you can infuse a space with just-right energy. For example, Katie’s Calacatta Gold marble island just begs you to serve a California cocktail: The straight lines and edges of this island are at home in this space that pays homage to the past while staying very current and trendy. The gray veining in this particular stone is more open and free-flowing, which plays very nicely with its straight edges.

In your own home remodel, consider how your kitchen island choice will communicate your own style. Whether you prefer a darker-hued natural stone for a cozier feel, a bright carrera marble for a classic, clean look, or wish to convey a breezy, carefree vibe using a low-maintenance, stately soapstone countertop for your island, a fabricated natural stone has the power to show off your style and personality. Create layers of dimension: Stone pairs wonderfully with natural wood elements to accent your cabinets and floor tiles.

Custom-Fabricated Marble Fixtures for a Bathroom Remodel

The most impressive stone installation in Katie Mossman’s renovation was the marble bathroom remodel. We used the same Arabescato marble in the bathroom as we did on the fireplace, and with a stone floor, counters, and bathtub, the room feels luxurious. Our custom fabrication created a seamless look.

A marble bathroom renovation—whether in floor-to-ceiling installations or small, decorative touches—puts your own personal stamp on the space. Choose a modern marble bathroom countertop or soapstone sink for an upscale, timeless look in any bathroom remodel. Our experience with fabrication and installation for tile floors, countertops, and fixtures means we can work with you to make your custom design and installation shine.

View more photos of Katie’s beautiful renovation in the full Architectural Digest article to see what a stunning marble renovation can do in any space. If you have an idea for your own soapstone or marble renovation, get in touch with our experienced designers or request a quote today and get started on your journey to create your dream home.

We’d love to help you learn more about soapstone and marble custom remodel options. See more of our successful stone fabrication and installations for renovation projects on our blog or our Commercial Portfolio.

M. Teixeira Soapstone’s Grand Opening at The San Francisco Design Center

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On June 7th, M. Teixeira Soapstone celebrated the Grand Opening of our new showroom at the San Francisco Design Center, where we are offering the largest variety of soapstone countertops on the West Coast. The San Francisco Design Center is renowned as California’s top resource for the finest of home furnishings.

West Coast Manager, Francesco,

Meet our West Coast Manager, Francesco, who did a fantastic job setting up our new showroom in the San Francisco Design Center. As they say, great things happen when a Brazilian and a Sicilian get together. Ok, they don’t really say that…

Our guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and spirited beverages while browsing distinctive soapstone products in the bright and airy showroom.

Photo -3

On display were characteristically deep soapstone sinks, a variety of soapstone tile and bathroom tile, stunning countertops and vanities, soapstone flooring, and a distinguished carved soapstone fireplace and mantel.

Francesco and David, the San Francisco Dream Team!

Meet Christine, Francesco and David, the San Francisco Dream Team! Great job organizing our Grand Opening event. Thanks to everyone that came to support us!

Our Potrero Hill location in San Francisco has provided soapstone products and installation services in Northern California since 2005. We specialize in imported and domestic soapstone countertop displays, sinks, carved mantels, and infinity vanity sinks.

The San Francisco Design Center is free and open to the public for browsing, though we do recommend making an appointment to ensure the highest level of service.

We would love to help you build the home of your dreams! Come visit our new showroom to get started on your next project.

Now offering free shipping to California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington.

Our beautiful new showroom at the San Francisco Design Center

Drink Soapstone

Soapstone Appearance at NYC’s Hottest New Steakhouse

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Recently, M Teixeira Soapstone was given the opportunity to help create a sizzling ambiance at Cote, New York’s “Most Exciting New Steakhouse.” Restaurateurs Simon Kim and David Shim wanted tabletops that would hold up to heavy use while maintaining an aesthetic of class. Soapstone is the perfect choice for their new eatery because it hits all the points required for a restaurant application.

M Teixeira Soapstone provided the soapstone, fabricated the dining tables and also performed the installation.

Melissa Hom

Photo: Melissa Hom

Soapstone Durability – Withstand the Elements of High Use Restaurant Areas

Soapstone is a nonporous material that is denser than both granite and limestone. It cannot be penetrated by liquids, harmed by excessive temperatures, or stained. Its neutral chemical composition also makes soapstone immune to corrosives, harsh chemicals, and acidic substances. Many people remember soapstone countertops in the science labs of their youth – if teenagers and Bunsen burners won’t harm this material, then it is certainly up to the task of hot plates and spilled martinis.

Melissa Hom

Photo: Melissa Hom

Trending Classic – Accentuate the Aesthetic

The appearance of soapstone is simply exquisite. While there are many varieties of veining and color available, many find that the color and texture of their soapstone blend seamlessly with any backdrop, style, or décor. The stone’s smooth-to-the-touch surface leaves an impression than any restaurant would want for their patrons.

Soapstone’s Low-Maintenance – Focus on What Matters

While happy customers make room for hungry guests, servers need to move quickly to ensure a positive dining experience. A restaurant’s wait staff has no time to worry about which cleaner is O.K. to use on their tabletops, and they certainly don’t have time to polish. Soapstone doesn’t need to be coddled – you can use any cleaner you like. Occasionally we recommend rubbing it with a bit of mineral oil if you enjoy the way it darkens, but it’s not required for the longevity of the stone.

Melissa Hom

Photo: Melissa Hom

Long-Lasting – Let the Good Times Roll

It’s not unheard of to find 19th century soapstone sinks and wood-burning stoves that are still performing like new. Each of the above qualities gives soapstone a longevity that can be difficult to find these days. This charming (yet tough) material is a lifetime investment that will host evenings out for years to come – maybe even for the great-grandchildren of tonight’s table of two.

Contact us for a free quote today on your commercial or restaurant application.


Soapstone Remnants Add Eclectic Style to Pizza Moto’s Historic Brooklyn Building

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Brooklyn's Pizza Moto

Brooklyn’s Pizza Moto

After eight years of serving Brooklyn’s best pizza from wood-fired mobile ovens, Pizza Moto found its home in an unassuming building that is rich in history. The restaurant was built and remodeled to create a unique Brooklyn aesthetic and features timeless and durable soapstone. The soapstone bar countertop was handcrafted from M Teixeira Soapstone’s remnants to blend seamlessly with the restaurant’s eclectic style. Using reclaimed remnants is a sustainable and earth-friendly choice. Soapstone is the perfect material for the bar countertop because it does not stain and cannot be damaged by hot pots, citrus, wine, acidic liquids, or chemicals.

While it’s certainly a highlight, the charisma of Pizza Moto goes far beyond the bar. The building was originally erected by an Irish immigrant baker in the mid-1800s and later followed by a Prussian cigar maker, an Italian pasta and sub purveyor, and an American coal-fired pizza baker. The history became even richer when co-owners Dave Sclarlow and Anna Viertel discovered a coal oven hidden behind the wall. Sclarow restored the masonry and converted the oven to burn wood instead of coal, and the team went on to build their restaurant around this delightful piece of New York’s history.

The updated turn-of-the-century wood-burner allows Pizza Moto to quickly produce consistent and evenly charred Neapolitan-style pies with a delicate white interior. The restaurant features inventive choices such as the “clam pie,” which has sliced potatoes, smoky bacon, and clams cooked in cream and white wine. The New York Times gave Pizza Moto a glowing review: “the pies coming out of the old bakery are already among the top tier of New York brick oven pizzas.”


The design, masonry, welding, plumbing, and finishing carpentry were done entirely by the Pizza Moto team. The restaurant’s bar is particularly appealing – the stools were welded from discarded desks found at a nearby school.

We’re thrilled to see our soapstone used by creative and talented people like Dave and Anna – we know its lasting durability and chic charm will be the backdrop for great times at one of Brooklyn’s hidden gems.

Our New Soapstone Kitchen Visualizer – Explore Endless Possibilities

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Envision Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point and heart of any home, where functionality and aesthetics come together to embody your personal taste and style. Release your inner designer with our easy-to-use Kitchen Visualizer. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, designing a new kitchen can be overwhelming, but this new tool will help you take the guesswork out of the design process and your new kitchen plan.

From Inspiration to Reality

When you first make the choice to upgrade or remodel your kitchen, you probably begin your search for inspiration. You bookmark blog posts and kitchen galleries or save magazine clippings of kitchen pictures. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who recently remodeled their kitchen and you find yourself imagining it in your home. At a certain point throughout this process, you have ideas of your favorite kitchen design ideas, and then you hit an inspiration roadblock. You like the wall color in one image, the counters in another…

Bring Your Kitchen Design Elements Together

M. Teixeira’s new Kitchen Visualizer is here to help! Bring your favorite design elements together in one easy place. With a few clicks, our easy online tool lets you build your dream custom kitchen with soapstone countertops and backsplash. Don’t give in to the roadblock, use our interactive guide to help you visualize the kitchen of your dreams!

Soapstone Kitchen VisualizerEasy to Use Features

This great new web tool allows you to quickly and easily choose your favorite kitchen design elements in one place. Our visualizer also allows you to print, email, or save your designs.

Choose from a variety of applications, such as:

  • Countertop
  • Backsplash
  • Appliance finish
  • Flooring
  • Cabinet style
  • Cabinet color
  • Wall color

See For Yourself

Our Kitchen Visualizer is right at your fingertips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams – get started today!

About Classic & Sophisticated Barroca Soapstone

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Each of our nationwide warehouses has been receiving gorgeous soapstone slabs from the Barroca quarry. The stone pictured here is from a recent lot of Barroca™ soapstone from this region and shows the traditional, quiet design that’s often quarried from this location. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from this classic stone in kitchen or bathroom applications. Choosing Barroca soapstone brings a refined look and beneficial characteristics to your home, plus you’ll love our options to customize your pieces using our fabrication services.

What Is Barroca Soapstone?

Barroca soapstone is a metamorphic rock variety quarried in the Mariana region of Brazil. This part of the world is abundant in minerals and is known for producing some of the most classic-looking soapstones. The average composition of Barroca soapstone slabs is nearly 50% talc, so it is ideal for architectural uses in home furnishings and fixtures. Trust that natural slabs from the Barroca quarry have all of the nonporous, nonabsorbent, heat-resistant characteristics you’ve come to expect from soapstone.

What Does Barroca Soapstone Look Like?

Barroca soapstone is called a “classic soapstone” because of its traditional gray appearance. These beautiful light gray slabs turn to a rich black after oil or wax treatment, and they also darken with natural aging. Barroca veining has a quieter, more understated look than other stone varieties. Carbonite veining occurs when a metamorphic rock is formed and is influenced by pressure and force and varies slightly slab-to-slab. View our current selection of Barroca soapstone to see the magnificent variances a single quarry provides, from almost no veining to thin, but noticeable, lines. 

Best Uses for Barroca Soapstone 

When it comes to where to use Barroca soapstone, it’s a perfect option to add sophistication and style to your kitchen countertops, backsplash, tile flooring, and any other area, inside or out. This natural gray material can be used as a focal point bringing out its fine black finish or downplayed for a complementary natural element in your home’s design. Beyond its look, Barroca soapstone offers heat-resistance, strength, anti-bacterial, and non-porous qualities, perfect when installed in your kitchen, bath, or outdoor living space.

Kitchen Countertops Crafted of Barroca Soapstone

Kitchen countertops made from Barroca soapstone slabs are as durable as they are eye-catching. Because the slabs from this quarry have slightly more subtle veining, it is ideal for covering large areas while still letting other design elements in your home stand out. Its resistance to stains and heat are often why Barroca soapstone is chosen for kitchens. You can trust that your countertops are naturally sealed against bacteria, keeping food prep areas free from harsh cleaners, sealers, and solvents, plus hot pans can be set down on the surface without leaving a mark! 

Add a Barroca Soapstone Backsplash

Not only does Barroca soapstone give your kitchen a sophisticated look with its light gray coloring, but it protects your walls very effectively because it is nonporous. This stone won’t absorb any liquids, so it won’t stain from food splatter. It’s also heat resistant so you can use it continuously through your whole kitchen—including behind your stovetop and appliances—without worrying about heat-transfer damage. Installing this subtle gray as an uninterrupted backsplash provides sleek styling with practical protection while ensuring other featured materials in your kitchen don’t lose focus. 

Spa-Like Barroca Soapstone Bathroom Installations

Choose Barroca for your bathroom applications for its nonporous and thermal qualities. Since the stone will not absorb liquids, it ensures surfaces remain hygienic without a lot of extra scrubbing, and you won’t have to rely on harsh cleaners to remove germs. Using soapstone for your soaking tub really highlights this stone’s thermal abilities, too—the nature of the stone means that the tub will lock in and radiate heat to keep bath water warmer for longer than other tubs. Additionally, Barroca bathroom floor tiles have a natural softness that is satisfying and soft underfoot, and it doesn’t become slippery when wet, providing a safe solution for moisture-rich environments.

Create Designer Accent Elements Using Barroca Soapstone

This soapstone’s semi-neutral coloring allows it to effectively accent or complement other design elements in your home. The soft gray natural stone pairs easily with white cabinets or dark countertops. You can install this soapstone variety as a small prep area countertop or coffee bar without overshadowing another stone meant to be the focus. Age the soapstone’s appearance by oiling for darker accent pieces. Barroca offers plenty of flexibility to mesh with any change in your home design. 

Custom Barroca Soapstone Design, Fabrication, and Installation

We’re happy to offer full services for your Barroca soapstone project, including slab selection, custom fabrication, and installation to suit your design vision. Barroca is perfect both indoors and outdoors, so there’s no end to the possibilities, with options for custom countertop edging, cut-to-size DIY kits, integrated sinks designs, and specialty carving.
There are many looks you can achieve from Barroca soapstone from varying the mineral treatments to custom fabrication details—let us know what you have in mind or request a quote today. Visit our blog for renovation inspiration, soapstone projects we’ve completed, and options to spark your own home renovation ideas.

M. Teixeira Soapstone Announces New Washington DC Metro Location

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M. Teixeira Soapstone just opened its newest location in Sterling, VA, serving the Washington DC Metro area, Virginia and Maryland. Our new showroom offers the broadest selection of soapstone slabs in the area. Most of the slabs in stock at this branch are US-sourced from the Alberene Soapstone Quarries, located within 150 miles of our location, along with a selection of imported soapstone. Soapstone sourced in the US is highly desired and we are happy to support local quarries, American jobs, and American soapstone!

We are offering full custom fabrication and installation in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We also offer our popular Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Soapstone Program, which is a great way to save money and get quality soapstone. Our installation guide provides details on how to cut and install your own DIY soapstone countertops.

Our Grand Opening Sale features a special discount on our most popular variety, Alberene Soapstone. We are also offering a free soapstone backsplash (up to 4”) on every countertop installation in the state of Virginia (with a minimum of 30 square feet). Both of these great deals on soapstone expire on July 31st, so visit us soon to start planning the remodel of your dreams!

M. Teixeira Soapstone IV, Washington, DC
23585 Overland Dr. Unit 100
Sterling, VA 20166


M. Teixeira Featured on Remodelista

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Remodelista is considered the number one home interiors website. Created for design enthusiasts and homeowners, this site is followed intently by influential figures in interior design, architects, bloggers, and more. M. Teixera is proud to announce that we have been featured in an article about the use of soapstone in countertop application. Our “richly-veined” soapstone slabs and soapstone counter and apron sink were pictured in this informative piece by Remodelista.

Soapstone Countertops J.Hall Remodelista

The article touts soapstone as an elegant and practical countertop material. While there was skepticism about the almost maintenance-free nature of soapstone, research and a few “test drives” proved that soapstone is a tough and aesthetically pleasing countertop surface.

Soapstone Countertops J. Hall Remodelista

There were three qualities that Remodelista explained sets soapstone apart from other natural stones: soapstone doesn’t stain, it can withstand acidic materials, and it is highly heat resistant. These attributes of soapstone make it a perfect choice for countertops, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Read the full article.

Soapstone Counter Narusawa Cottage by Justine Hand Remodelista

M Teixeira Soapstone to Exhibit at Coverings 2014 Trade Show

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From April 29th to May 2nd, M Teixeira Soapstone will be exhibiting at Coverings 2014, a tile and stone trade show held in Las Vegas, NV. Coverings, in it’s’ 25th year, is designed to provide tile and stone businesses with information about the latest products/trends, improving employee performance, networking opportunities and sustainable products. Founder and President Roger Teixeira will be available at Booth #L2108 to answer any questions about M Teixeira Soapstone’s countertops, sinks and tile.

Learn more at

M. Teixeira Soapstone Headquarters Moves to New Northern New Jersey Location

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movedThanks to the support of our clients and our excellent track record, we have been expanding and once again outgrown our current facilities. We are happy to inform you that we have partially completed the move to our new location, where we will be able to better display our products and continue to improve our efficiency and overall customer experience.

We have consolidated our state of the art fabrication facility and slab warehouse with a brand new office/ showroom space, where clients can see items on display, pick their slabs and watch their soapstone being fabricated by our craftsman.

Please excuse our appearance while we continue to remodel this new location.

547 South Broad St.
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

While our offices and fabrication capabilities are uninterrupted, some clients may experience a slight delay in receiving samples and other items from our online store, or may have their installation pushed back a day or two. All should be back to normal by April 1st, 2014. Thanks for your understanding.

Samples Image

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