Soapstone Countertop Care

Soapstone Dry Wax Conditioner

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Soapstone Dry Wax Conditioner
Our new soapstone dry wax conditioner will provide a lovely low luster finish as an alternative to the traditional mineral oil application.

Our unique formulated soapstone maintenance product is made from food grade Walnut Oil and T1 Carnauba Wax. There are no solvents added which means no VOS’s (volatile organic chemical). Many of our customers find this product easier to apply than mineral oil. The product maintains a nice dark color but results will vary from stone to stone.

You can purchase this product through our soapstone online store.

How to Decorate Your Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

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Now that you are enjoying your beautiful soapstone kitchen countertop, it’s time to get to work, clear the clutter and enhance the look of your entire kitchen.

The first order of business is to stow away those appliance that you don’t use on a daily basis. The ones that come to mind include the bread maker, crock-pot, rice maker, espresso machine, and yes the George Forman grill. You know the culprits.


Now that your space is cleared here are a few kitchen decorating ideas to get you started:

  • Candles always add warmth and coziness to any space. Purchase a pair of inexpensive glass hurricane lamps, add a candle, and surround it with materials that reflect the season. Cranberries, lentils, beans, sand, and coffee beans all look natural and beautiful.
  • Keep your dish soap in a soap dispenser or pretty glass bottle.
  • If you use bar soap next to your sink, take a small shallow dish, fill it with small pebbles or glass stones (from the craft store) to create a unique soap dish.
  • A small bouquet of fresh flowers will bring the outside inside. Also consider a few pots of herbs near the window.
  • A mini table-scape on the serving tray can be practical as well as decorative. Try two coffee cups, a sugar bowl, decorative napkins, and spoons. For wine lovers, a few wine glasses and a bottle of wine can do the trick.
  • A bowl or basket of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables such as apple, squash, oranges, peppers, lemons and limes can add a splash of color especially to corner spaces.

When you are all done, sit back and enjoy your new soapstone kitchen countertop.

How to Care For and Maintain Soapstone Countertops

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For those that want to enjoy the darker color of a soapstone countertop, mineral oil can be used to bring out the rich beauty of the stone. Once your soapstone countertop is installed, follow these simple care tips and maintenance instructions:

  1. Vacuum the countertop to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Clean the countertop with a clean cloth and denatured alcohol.
  3. Once the alcohol dries apply mineral oil to the countertop with a soft cloth. Avoid making puddles of oil.
  4. Wipe off any access with paper towel.
  5. Continue to apply the oil twice a week until the desired patina and color is acquired.
  6. Follow-up with an application every one to three months to maintain the desired effect.

M. Teixeira Soapstone has available for online purchase a lighter grade of mineral oil perfect for maintaining a soapstone countertop. You’ll find this oil much easier to apply than the standard drugstore mineral oil. Visit our online store where you can purchase Soapstone mineral oil.

M. Ieixeira Soapstone's Light Grade Mineral Oil for Maintaining Soapstone Countertops

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