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Soapstone Masonry Heater Saves NY State Homeowners on Heating Bills

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Recently, we received a letter from a couple who wanted to share the enjoyment of their soapstone masonry heater. In addition to the “wonderful ambiance” provided by the charming warm glow, they wanted us (and other homeowners) to know just how much they saved on their heating costs in the notoriously chilly 2014 – 2015 winter season:

“We used the Sinatra heater exclusively to heat our new (2,000 sq. ft.) home for three years now… Last winter saw many days at -30 degrees. For the entire 2014 – 2015 winter season, we burned 12-face cords of wood for a total winter heating cost of $765.00.”

The Money-Saving Sinatra Bake Oven Soapstone Masonry heater

The Money-Saving Sinatra Bake Oven Soapstone Masonry Heater

How can one masonry heater heat an entire home in -30 degree weather? It surely helps if that masonry heater is made from soapstone. The first difference is the type of heat stored and emitted by the fireplace. While traditional fireplaces are known to emit short-lived convection heat in close proximity, soapstone stores and releases heat slowly. The other thing that sets soapstone apart from traditional hearths is its efficiency. Soapstone’s thermal mass absorbs slowly and radiates the heat long after the fire has extinguished. In traditional fireplaces, much of the heat and energy is wasted by being almost immediately released through the chimney.

The particular model of soapstone heater is our Sinatra BakeOven Soapstone Wood Burning Stove, which boasts a 12 to 16 hour heat output per 3 to 4 hours of burn time. Another delightful feature of this masonry heater is its ability to help prepare your dinner!

“We both work full time and it’s also nice to come to a delicious crock pot dinner waiting in the Sinatra’s oven. We call it our slow cooker on steroids. We couldn’t be happier.”

Stay warm and save on your heating costs this winter with our Soapstone Wood Burning Stoves!

The Most Affordable Wood-burning Soapstone Stove: The Cove 2

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M. Teixeira Soapstone, the nation’s soapstone distributor offering the widest variety, is pleased to introduce its newest wood-burning stove, the Cove 2.

With the prices of gas and oil constantly rising, wood-burning stoves are becoming more popular than ever as an efficient heating method.

With Soapstone

Without Soapstone

M. Teixeira Soapstone has expanded its product line to include the Cove 2, a cast iron and soapstone wood-burning stove. This contemporary wood-burning stove burns up to 8 hours, heats up to 1,500 square feet, and is available with or without soapstone.

As the cold weather approaches consumers are looking to cut heating costs wherever possible. This season, enjoy the radiant warmth, practicality, and stunning beauty of an M. Teixeira Soapstone wood-burning stove.

The Cove 2 is available with soapstone for $3,900, and without soapstone (just cast iron) for $2,900.

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Soapstone Wood Stove – Save $1,000 on Palisadium Model

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Take advantage of this off-season special. $1,000 off our most popular Palisadium Soapstone Woodstove model. Now priced at just $3,995 this model has over 1,500 pounds of soapstone. Because of the generious 2 3/8″ thick soapstone surrounding the EPA certified cast iron firebox, this wood stove radiates heat and lasts longer than competitive models. More more information on the Palisadium Soapstone Wood Stove or to purchase online visit

Palisadium Soapstone Wood Stove on SALE for $3,995

Palisadium Soapstone WoodStove SALE Price: $3,995

EPA Certified Soapstone Wood Stove by M. Teixeira Soapstone

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A great option for a free-standing fireplace is a soapstone woodstove. The stove is comprised of an EPA Certified cast iron fire box insert surrounded by a soapstone veneer. The stone retains the heat and makes the stove super efficient. You can purchase all of our wood stove fireplaces online or call our office to place you order. We also carry soapstone masonry heaters. These are built solely of soapstone, 100% both inside and out, while the soapstone wood stoves, have a cast iron insert that is covered with soapstone.

Vulcan Soapstone Wood Stove

Vulcan Soapstone Wood Stove

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