Classic Soapstones

Browse our collection of classic soapstone countertop varieties to find slab options from the United States and Brazil. Each soapstone variety—and even each slab within varieties—displays differences in veining, color, and hardness. Some soapstone varieties, like Ipanema Reserve Soapstone™, show off hints of green, while others start grey and turn darker and display distinct veining after oiling. Though tints and veining differs from slab to slab, these classic soapstone varieties are durable, stainproof, and offer the same heat resistance and anti-bacterial properties that make soapstone a preferred material for kitchen countertops. Bring the beauty of soapstone to your home renovation project: Explore our classic soapstone varieties below and view the lots currently available in our warehouse and showrooms.


Alberene Soapstone

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Barroca™ Soapstone

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Belvedere Soapstone

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Fantasia Soapstone

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Ipanema Reserve

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Santa Rita Soapstone

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Stormy Black Soapstone

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Anastacia Soapstone

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