Anastacia Soapstone

Anastacia Soapstone is dark with a very distinctive look.

Choose a dark gray Anastacia Brazilian soapstone slab for your countertop, fireplace mantle, or flooring installation. This durable soapstone variety is harder than average soapstone , making it a versatile option for indoor or outdoor use.

Mined in Brazil, Anastacia soapstone is known for its dark gray color with hints of blue before oil or wax treatment is applied. Once treated, this exquisite Brazilian soapstone variety becomes very dark, almost black, with remarkable carbonate veining that stands out, making it a favorite variety for kitchen countertops. But this durable soapstone offers many fabrication and installation possibilities outside of the kitchen, from tiles for a high-traffic floor to a striking top for an outdoor patio bar.

As with all soapstone varieties, Anastacia Brazilian is resistant to acids, chemicals, bacteria, and heat. Its lower talc content also makes it one of the hardest varieties available, perfect for a sink or countertop in a busy residential or commercial kitchen. It won’t scorch from a hot pan, corrode from potent cleaners, or stain from red wine. Opt for distinctive Anastacia Brazilian soapstone products in your home or business.

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