Barroca™ Soapstone

Barroca™ Soapstone is a very traditional soapstone

Barroca™ soapstone truly represents “the classic soapstone.” This light gray variety is a very traditional soapstone that comes from the Baroque-inspired Mariana region of Brazil.

Barroca™ soapstone begins a beautiful light gray and naturally darkens with age. To speed up the process, apply oil or wax treatment, which turns the stone surface black with occasional white veining. Barroca’s veining is understated when compared to other soapstone varieties, which makes it a wonderful choice as an accent piece to complement other natural stone installations.

Choose Barroca™ soapstone to bring the classic look of natural stone to your interior or exterior. Barroca™, and all soapstone varieties, are resistant to damage from acids, stains, and heat, and scratches are easy to buff away. Due to its impervious nature and gorgeous, dark appearance, Barroca™ is often favored for kitchen countertops, floor tiles, outdoor patio areas, and bathroom installations. We are pleased to consult with you regarding your renovation needs, so please reach out for design inspiration or stone selection tips.

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