Fantasia Soapstone

Fantasia Soapstone Features Gorgeous Veining for a Dramatic Appearance

Fantasia is a heavily veined soapstone featuring veins and patterning reminiscent of inverted statuary marble—a light gray background with pronounced white veins. Mineral oil treatment enhances the stunning veining to give this soapstone a very glamorous look.

Fantasia soapstone is quarried in Brazil and possesses a dramatic appearance that takes center stage in any room. This soapstone variety is gray with a hint of green, and the wide, swirling veins are stark white for a bold contrast.

Fantasia makes a perfect accent piece—install a Fantasia backsplash or kitchen island and pair it with a quieter natural stone variety, like Barroca™ for the main countertops. Include hardy Fantasia soapstone in your outdoor kitchen design with beautiful patio tiles or fabricate it into a wall covering for the breezeway. Fantasia soapstone features the same impressive characteristics as other soapstone varieties, including stain- and heat-resistance, antibacterial properties, and durability.

Comparison of oiled versus unoiled Fantasia soapstone.

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