Ipanema Reserve Soapstone

Ipanema Reserve Is a Beautiful and Animated Soapstone

Ipanema Reserve Soapstone™ is light gray and fairly uniform in color. After treatment with wax or oil, the color deepens to almost black with a light tint of green.

Quarried in Brazil, Ipanema Reserve is a soapstone variety with light veins that flow subtly across its surface. This ashy gray soapstone becomes dark and decadent after treatment, bringing elegance to both residential and commercial spaces. The unobtrusive pattern of the veining creates an illusion of movement that brings this natural stone to life without overpowering the senses.

Though mineral oil deepens the beautiful color, Ipanema Reserve soapstone does not require special treatment and is considered a very low-maintenance natural stone. Soapstone is naturally nonporous and cannot be damaged by liquids, so it is often fabricated into bathroom sinks and tubs, kitchen counters, and bar tops. But its durability also makes it ideal for outdoor countertops, patio tiles, and walkways. Contact us for more renovation inspiration and ideas or for information about Ipanema Reserve and other varieties of soapstone.

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