Marina Soapstone

Marina Soapstone Displays Incredible Veining and Patterns

Light gray Marina soapstone offers an industrial look similar to poured concrete and darkens to charcoal after mineral oil application.

Untreated, Marina soapstone appears light gray with unique patterning. But after mineral oil treatment, this exceptional soapstone turns a dark charcoal with pronounced veins and patterns that bring elegance to any room. Marina soapstone looks similar to poured concrete, but offers superior heat- and stain resistance—hot pans and liquid spills are no match for this durable natural stone. And, like other soapstone varieties, Marina is non-porous so it won’t be damaged by acids, cleaners, or standing water.

Despite its strength, this soapstone variety is silky smooth to the touch, making it ideal for table and bartops, countertops, and kitchen islands in residential or commercial applications.

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