Santa Rita Soapstone

Santa Rita Soapstone Is a Very Traditional Variety

Santa Rita soapstone has a very nice “marble-like” veining pattern. After mineral oil treatment, this natural gray soapstone turns to a very dark green color with pronounced white veining.

Santa Rita is a Brazilian soapstone that, when left untreated, features a gray background with a greenish tint—but after applying wax or mineral oil, the surface darkens to take on a green-black hue with shades of blue. The pronounced white veining in this soapstone variety resembles a traditional marble pattern.

Santa Rita soapstone is a bold natural stone variety that looks great as a bathroom sink, interior floor tile, or bar top in a commercial space. Soapstone is naturally resistant to chemicals, acids, heat, and mold. And with no need for sealants or special care, soapstone is practically maintenance-free.

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