Looking for fabulous soapstone countertops for your kitchen? In need of soapstone tiles for that much-awaited home improvement project? M Teixeira Soapstone is a name you can trust. We have the largest collections of soapstone that our customers in the United States can choose from. These beautiful pieces are sourced from quarries abroad, like Brazil and India, and domestically from Virginia.

Beautiful Soapstone Products

At M Teixeira Soapstone, we offer delightful choices from our soapstone countertop collection. We have the trademark Barroca collection, as well as the Alberene, Anastacia, Fantasia, Stormy Black, Mariana, Manhattan Gray and Belvedere soapstone pieces. You can also choose from the Pietra Cardosa and Marie Black Noire from our slates and schists.

Stunning Marble Products

When it comes to stunning marble products, we only offer the best for your home improvement project. We have the likes of White Carrara Marble from our Classic Italian marble collection, as well as Pegasus, Dolce Vita, and Calacatta from our Dolomitic marble collection.

Quartz and Quartzite Products

Quartz is among the design favorites for kitchen remodels over the recent years. This popular material is praised for keeping off stains away from the area. Alongside this, there are also quartzite pieces, which look a little similar to those of quartz products. Whatever it is that you need for the upcoming project, we have them here at our shop.

Why Choose M Teixeira Soapstone?

There are plenty of reasons to answer this question. First, buying from M Teixeira Soapstone saves you more. We directly import our soapstone products thus our customers do not need to look for a middleman that they can transact with when buying our products. Add to that, we offer a wide selection of choices at the most competitive rates. We also fabricate our products and install them for our customers’ needs.

In order to make the purchasing experience even better, customers located near any of our locations can come and visit us and have some soapstone samples. This makes the choice easier for them. For customers other than those residing within our locations’ communities, do not worry. We are more than willing to send the latest soapstone samples right to your own homes.

For more information about purchasing soapstone countertops in Florida, feel free to call us at 877-478-8170 today. You may also request a free quote here.