Margarida Soapstone

Margarida Soapstone Makes a Bold Statement

Margarida soapstone is light gray, with lots of white veining uniformly distributed throughout the slabs. Once treated with mineral oil, the light gray becomes a very dark charcoal gray, making the veins much more pronounced.

Stark white veins make this Brazilian soapstone one of the boldest varieties available. Perfect for countertops and backsplashes, statement-making Margarida soapstone can also be fabricated into stunning fireplace surrounds, floor tiles, and mosaics that command attention. As a natural stone, this soapstone requires no special treatments or sealants, but regular applications of mineral oil will continue to bring out the charcoal background and striking white veins that make Margarida so captivating. Like other soapstone varieties, Margarida is heat-, stain- and acid-resistant and impervious to mold and bacteria.

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