Oyster White Marble

Oyster White Marble

Oyster White is a beautiful natural marble, mined in Namibia, on the west coast of Africa. Its unique patterns often resemble oyster shells, which is why it is called Oyster White.

Blocks of this white marble are mined in Africa, then shipped to Italy for processing into slab material.

Like all natural marbles, Oyster White Marble should be sealed for stain resistance. This material makes a great option for countertops, walls, fireplace, etc.

Slabs of Oyster White are available in 3cm and 2cm thicknesses and various surface finishes are available, including honed, polished, or leathered.

Oyster White Marble Slabs Available

We have Oyster White Marble slabs available in our New Jersey location. Contact us for additional information.

Oyster White Marble Slab, 2cm Thick

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Oyster White Marble Slab, 3cm Thick

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Pietra Grey Marble Slab 120 X 72

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