Pietra Del Cardoso, also known as Pietra Cardosa, is sometimes confused with a soapstone. Pietra Cardosa is not a soapstone, it actually is a Sandstone. Many clients ask for Pietra del Cardoso looking to achieve a similar look of the soapstone. We are happy to offer clients this natural stone in addition to the soapstone varieties we carry.

Pietra del Cardoso is a deep-blue dark grey sandstone. It is a metamorphic rock. Its formation results from the fragmentation of granitic composed rocks. Due to its mineral composition, the Pietra del Cardoso has a notable compactness and toughness. It has great physic-mechanic resistance to attrition, electric power as well as great resistance to the damaging action of atmospheric elements. Pietra Cardosa, however, is not as dense as soapstone, therefore needs to be properly sealed to protect it against stains.


Pietra Del Cardoso stone is unique in its nature and can only be found in the italian Apuan Alps, in particular in the quarry of the village of Stazzema stretching out between the villages of Pruno, Cardoso, Stazzema, Mulina and Pomezzana, approximately 80 miles to the Northwest of Florence.
Much like soapstone, the use of this stone as a constructing material dates back to ancient times, thanks to its physical characteristics and its availability in the above mentioned area.

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