Calacatta Black & White Dolomitic Marble 123″ x 78 ” RARE!!!

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Product Description

Sold As a Pair Only

Full Slabs 123″ x 78″ ea., 3cm Thickness.

What Is Dolomitic Marble?

You can think of Dolomite as an earlier stage of Marble, which gives it some relative advantages and disadvantages. Dolomite is formed mostly from compacted, magnesium-rich sediment at the bottom of ancient rivers or lagoons with a combination of chemical reactions, warm temperatures, and extreme pressure from the water above. This process makes it a quite dense and heavy Natural Stone. It often will not contain the white Calcium Carbonate or similar minerals found in Marble, giving it a great amount of strength and rigidity in comparison.

In terms of a countertop, Dolomite will be able to endure more wear-and-tear than most Marbles. Less likely to etch, scratch, or stain, Dolomite can be an excellent option for high-risk areas like your kitchen or bathroom, while still boasting that refined Marble look.

Price: $7950.00 for the PAIR ( $3975.00ea.).

We can ship, fabricate & install(NY,NJ,CT,PA)


  • Weight: 100 lb

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