Soapstone Pizza Stone


Pizza Stone

Product Description

This Soapstone Pizza Stone will help you bake the best pizza. Handmade  from one solid slab of soapstone, the evenly distributed heat will compliment the efforts you put into making the best dough and sauce .

Whether you make  “la vera pizza Napoletana” or the classic NY pizza, you will impress your friends and family with this unique piece.

The pizza stone can also be used as a serving tray for a variety of items such as cheese, sushi, cold cuts, etc.

Because soapstone is  non porous it is naturally stain proof and will not harbor bacteria.

Our pizza stones are handmade in New Jersey (where you can also have  some of the best pizza in the world) by soapstone experts. Furthermore, our pizza stones are earth friendly , since they are made using  excess soapstone from our countertop and sink manufacturing facilities.

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  • Weight: 12 lb

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