Rainforest Green Soapstone

Rainforest Green Soapstone Offers a Stunning Appearance

This gorgeous soapstone variety features a subtle green tint that stands out brilliantly after an application of oil or wax treatment.

Rainforest Green soapstone is named for its rich coloring and stunning appearance. Despite its exotic name, this green soapstone variety is not quarried in or near the rainforest—it is actually quarried in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, approximately 2500 miles from the Amazon Rainforest. Though the natural green hue is visible without any type of treatment, applying mineral oil to the soapstone surface deepens the color and enhances the veining. Rainforest Green soapstone is non-porous and durable, making it an attractive option for fabricating kitchen countertops, flooring tiles, bathroom sinks, and outdoor living areas. Rainforest Green soapstone is also an excellent choice for commercial spaces.

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