Looking for Soapstone on a Budget?

We always have an inventory of slabs and remnant pieces that can be purchased at a deep discount and sold “as-is”. Typical discount is 25%. Remnant soapstone pieces can be fabricated to your specifications. Because the stone is discounted your overall project cost will be at a considerable savings. The DIY crowd love remnant soapstone.

Smalls pieces of stone are ideal for vanities, small countertops, kitchen islands, tabletops, desks, shelves, backsplash, window sills, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens, etc. We also have large slabs that are from older lots, sold at the same discounted.

Be sure to check our soapstone sales page regularly for our latest bargains.

What is Considered a Remnant?

  • Soapstone Slabs that were accidentally broken either in transit or in house and cannot be sold in their full size. We transform them into smaller size slabs, instead of having the insurance company reimburse us and waste them completely.
  • Large pieces that are leftover from a project that would otherwise have been discarded.
  • Pieces that were incorrectly fabricated.
  • Soapstone countertops that were fabricated for trade shows and/or showroom pieces.

Current Inventory

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Discounted Soapstone Sinks

Our discounted soapstone sinks were never used and are sold “as-is”. They were either showroom pieces, overstocked inventory or blemished in some way. They are being offered at 35% OFF of the original price.

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