Soapstone Bathroom Sinks & Solid Tubs

Soapstone Sinks

Our soapstone bathroom sinks are custom crafted from 1 1/4-inch slabs. These dimensions are not written in soapstone, so we can design a custom sink to fit your bathroom specifications. We offer integral and vessel soapstone bathroom sinks that can bring contemporary appeal to a modern space. An integral soapstone sink is fused into the countertop for a smooth, seamless appearance. Vessel sink basins are constructed out of a single piece of solid soapstone and sit directly on a vanity countertop.

Dual soapstone sinks with a mirror behind and an open bathroom space with tiled walls and floor
A soapstone-walled bathroom with a center soapstone sink

Soapstone Solid Tub

A solid soapstone bathtub is striking and dramatic, featuring sleek lines and a smooth, honed surface. The grand size of a soapstone tub will create an impressive centerpiece for any bathroom or master bath suite. Our soapstone bathtubs are handcrafted from a solid block of soapstone for a seamless look. Since each soapstone variety is a product of nature, the slabs have their own unique pattern and veining so no two bathtubs are exactly alike. Soapstone bathtubs require a freestanding tub filler or wall-mount faucet to complete the bathroom setup.

All dimensions are +/- 1/2 inch

A deep soapstone tub with a towel draped over the basin and decorative spa products in the foreground