Soapstone Cladding

If you love the three-dimensional look of stacked stone, you’ll love soapstone cladding. Stone cladding is the process of covering a surface with a thin layer of natural stone to create the illusion that the entire piece is one solid material. Our stacked stone cladding is made from thin, lightweight pieces of recycled soapstone from our fabrication facility—nothing goes to waste. Stacked stone cladding made from soapstone pieces is lightweight and cost-effective.

Soapstone Cladding Applications

Stacked soapstone cladding is ideal for the DIY homeowner as well as trade professionals who want exceptional visual appeal in a project. Cladding stone installation is easier than tiling—no grouting required. Even those with minimal DIY skills will find it easy to install soapstone cladding to features in and around the home. From exterior to interior home and commercial projects, stacked stone cladding can enhance these areas and add texture to your space.

Resurface an outdoor kitchen cabinet with soapstone cladding, or use it to improve the appearance and stability of an exterior wall along a driveway or terraced flower bed. Add soapstone cladding around a swimming pool edge; soapstone not only enhances the look of your pool deck, but its non-porous quality also prevents it from becoming slippery when wet. Soapstone cladding brings natural beauty to an indoor fireplace surround and won’t crack or discolor when exposed to high heat. In commercial applications, choose easy-to-maintain soapstone cladding to refresh a bar front, or add texture to the backbar in a pub or restaurant. And nothing enhances the look of a hotel lobby or commercial office like soapstone cladding around the front desk or divider wall in the sitting areas.

Residential Applications:

Commercial Applications:

What Stone Is Best for Cladding?

Most natural stones work well for indoor and outdoor cladding projects due to their durability and inherent weather-resistant properties. Common cladding stone includes soapstone, limestone, granite, slate, and marble. Soapstone is ideal for cladding both interior and exterior surfaces. Soapstone is resistant to heat, chemicals, and acids, so cladding will not burn, stain, or corrode when exposed to household substances. Since soapstone is non-porous, water will not penetrate or absorb into the cladding, which prevents mold growth and cracking from expansion when liquids freeze and thaw. And the beauty of soapstone cladding is unparalleled thanks to the coloring and veining, especially in the Santa Rita, Rainforest Green, Ipanema Reserve, and Fantasia soapstone varieties.

How We Sell Our Soapstone Cladding

Our soapstone cladding is sold by the pallet. Each pallet has approximately 90 square feet of 1 1/4” thick soapstone. The length of the pieces varies from 10” to 41” long and the width varies from 1 1/2” by 4” wide. Each pallet weighs 1800 pounds. Each pallet costs $1200.00 plus applicable shipping at a discounted pallet rate. Call 1-877-478-8170 or email for more information.

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