Soapstone Cladding

If you love the three-dimensional look of stacked stone, you’ll love soapstone cladding. Stone cladding is when you take a thin layer stone and apply it a surface so it appears as if the entire structure is made of stone. Our soapstone cladding material is cut into thin pieces, which reduces its weight. The product is very cost effective as it is made out of small pieces left over from our fabrication facility. Nothing goes to waste.

Soapstone Cladding Applications

From exterior to interior home and commercial projects, these applications are ideal for the DIY homeowner as well as trade professionals that want unique visual appeal.

Residential Applications:

Commercial Applications:

How Our Soapstone Cladding Is Sold

Our soapstone cladding is sold by the pallet. Each pallet has approximately 90 square feet of soapstone that is 1 1/4” thick. The length of the pieces vary from 10” to 41” long. The width varies from 1 1/2” x 4” wide. Each pallet weighs 1800 pounds. Each pallet costs $1200.00 plus applicable shipping at a discounted pallet rate. Call 1-877-478-8170 or email for more information.

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