Soapstone Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pools

Soapstone is Naturally the Perfect Material for Outdoors

Soapstone’s thermal qualities allow it to withstand the winter temperature with freezing and thawing. Because soapstone is non-porous, rain, leaves, bird droppings, etc will not stain it. Soapstone tile flooring is perfect for outdoors and pool applications because it is not slippery when wet. The dove gray color and mild veining are idea for any landscape project.

Use beautiful, durable soapstone to enhance your outdoor gathering spaces, patio, or pool deck. Soapstone withstands winter temperatures, doesn’t fade when exposed to the sun—even in direct sunlight—and won’t get slippery when wet. Outdoor soapstone surfaces are easy to maintain: Simply wax or oil your outdoor soapstone kitchen countertops when they’re in need of a little TLC, and treat your outdoor soapstone floor tiles with mineral oil if desired to reach the dark hue you prefer, then re-treat occasionally to maintain your soapstone. The beauty of soapstone is that it darkens naturally with use.

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