Soapstone Countertops

Why Choose Soapstone for Your Kitchen Countertop

Homeowners who want an exquisite and exclusive product in their kitchens choose soapstone countertops over other natural stones. Soapstone countertops come in a variety of colors, textures, and vein patterns that suit many decor styles, from traditional to contemporary. But soapstone is also a durable natural stone that can keep up with the hustle and bustle in a busy home or commercial kitchen. Some of the top benefits of soapstone countertops include:

Low Maintenance

Soapstone countertops don’t require regular maintenance beyond general cleaning. We recommend applying mineral oil treatment to this natural stone to enhance and darken its appearance.


Natural soapstone is nonporous and durable. Not only are soapstone countertops impervious to heat, chemical, and acid damage, but they also resist mold and stains. Whether you spill a glass of red wine or place a hot pan on the surface, soapstone countertops aren’t prone to damage.


Unlike other natural stones that are only available with a highly polished finish, soapstone comes in a variety of textures. We can accommodate most preferences by re-finishing the slab surface to create texture—at no additional cost.

Different Soapstone Looks You Can Achieve


Natural Soapstone

Untreated soapstone has a natural, light gray color that varies in depth by the slab variety. Natural soapstone is a popular option for kitchen countertops, but the light gray can darken in certain spots if oil spills onto the surface. But since natural soapstone is nonporous and stain-resistant, clean-up is easy using household cleaners, and scratches or damage can be repaired using a steel wool pad.

Aged Soapstone

Aged soapstone is a favorite look for many people, which can be achieved through repeated mineral oil or wax treatment. The first time you oil soapstone, it will eventually fade to its original light gray color because the oil won’t penetrate the surface. Two or three applications of wax or mineral oil should do the trick. After repeated treatments, your soapstone countertop will take on a deep charcoal appearance.

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Oiled Soapstone

If you like the rich color of soapstone and love to see the prominent natural veining, opt for an oiled finish. To achieve this, apply regular coats of mineral oil to the stone to help it develop a permanent patina. If you decide to reverse this look, you can sand or strip the mineral oil using  solvent.

If you like the deep rich color of soapstone and love to see the prominent natural veining then the oil soapstone finish should be your choice. To achieve this look you will need to apply periodical coats of mineral oil to the stone until it develops a permanent patina. You also have the ability to reverse this look by removing the mineral oil.

Soapstone Drainboard Options

We can fabricate your countertop to include drainboard grooves or runnels to improve draining and prevent liquid from pooling near your sink. Drainage grooves aren’t required, but can help keep your work area dry. We offer a few standard options and can fabricate to suit your needs.


Traditional Grooves

This soapstone drainboard features eight runnels, 16 to 18 inches long, on a slope between 0 and 1/2 an inch.


British Style

Very popular in the UK, this more contemporary drainboard has a flat surface with a 1/2-inch slope and a 1/4-inch lip around the sloped area.


European Style

This minimalist-style soapstone drainboard features a clean, flat surface on a 1/2-inch slope.


European Style with Grooves

The addition of grooves gives the European-style soapstone drainboard a traditional appearance.

Other Countertop Options


Soapstone Kitchen Countertop Edge Options

When buying your soapstone countertops, specify the edge type you prefer. Choose from contemporary edges or opt for rustic details to suit your style. Soapstone countertop edge options include:

  • Straight with Radius Eased Edges
  • Pencil Round
  • Double Pencil Round
  • Full Bullnose
  • Half Bullnose
  • Chamfer
  • Chiseled or “Rocked”
  • Cove Dupont
  • Ogee

Custom Soapstone Carving & Engraving

We offer custom 3D or 2D carvings to enhance your apron sink or backsplash and make it even more unique. If you want a particular carved pattern or design on your soapstone sink, backsplash, or countertop, just let us know; we’ll be happy to make it happen. We use state-of-the-art CNC stone working equipment and the latest computer software to create true works of art.

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