Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone Kits for DIY Countertops

Get natural soapstone kitchen counters at a fraction of the cost with our exclusive DIY kit. Our Kitchen-to-Go Kit is ideal for the handy homeowner who wants a beautiful soapstone countertop at a considerable savings. Unlike granite, soapstone is soft enough that it doesn’t require special tools for fabrication. Installing a soapstone kitchen countertop is an inexpensive DIY project—all you need is a circular saw, a jigsaw, a drill/driver, a grinder, and a sander.

How to Save on Soapstone

More than half the cost of natural stone countertop installation comes from labor. A do-it-yourself soapstone countertop kit eliminates that expense—now you can enjoy a beautiful soapstone kitchen for a fraction of the cost. We’ll even give you a practice piece to test before you commit.

Let M Teixeira Soapstone help you plan your custom DIY project or build the perfect soapstone kitchen counter or bathroom sink. If you can’t decide which one of our soapstone varieties to buy, our Complete Soapstone Sample Package contains a mixed variety of pieces. Depending on current stock, soapstone sample kits may include harder-than-average Brazilian Belvedere, smooth and silky Marina, or green-hued Santa Rita.

DIY Soapstone Kit Options

Contact us to discuss the available DIY soapstone countertop kit options, or explore our four popular fabrication options below.

Complete DIY

The complete do-it-yourself soapstone countertop kit is our most cost-effective option. Simply order the pre-cut slabs you need for your soapstone kitchen counter project. We stock pre-cut slabs 30 inches wide by 6 or 7 feet long. Find full-size slabs up to 10 feet long. Please be advised that soapstone sizes and slab varieties vary based on availability.


The most time-consuming part of the fabrication is cutting the slabs to size. For your convenience, we offer cut-to-size services at the cost of $14.00 per square foot (please note: prices may vary by location and this does not include cost of material). When your soapstone arrives, you complete the edge treatments, cut-outs, and installation. This option is good for those who need to use larger/heavier non-DIY slabs, and need to get larger slabs to a more manageable size.

Cut-to-Size and Finished Edge

A time-saving option, we’ll deliver the cut-to-size soapstone slabs complete with a finished countertop edge of your choice.

Full Pre-Fabricated

Our pre-fabricated option is ideal for those who want soapstone kitchen countertops ready to install. We will fabricate the countertops to your specifications. When they arrive, all you have to do is install them.

We stock pre-cut slabs 72 x 30 x 1 1/4 inches and 84 x 30 x 1 1/4 inches. Our full-size slabs are typically 120 x 75 inches. Soapstone slabs can be cut to size, edged, and shaped on request. Please contact us directly to order by phone or email.

How to Install Soapstone Countertops

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We’re here to help make your bathroom or kitchen countertop installation go smoothly from start to finish: We can answer technical questions before, during, and after your DIY soapstone kitchen project. We have branches open during business hours in three different US time zones to ensure you’ll reach someone when you need advice.

Before you begin, explore an overview of soapstone countertop installation steps below to decide if DIY installation is right for you. For more in-depth instructions, check out this step-by-step tutorial for installing a soapstone kitchen countertop from This Old House featuring M. Teixeira Soapstone.

Prior to committing to a DIY countertop project, consider this brief overview of the basic steps for professional installation services. While this is not a comprehensive guide, it is an example of the basic steps required for professional soapstone countertop installation. After the design, measurement, and fabrication of countertop pieces is finished, we:

  1. Line up all of the cabinets. Countertops need plenty of support, so we properly align the cabinets to ensure the tops are even and the soapstone surface lays flat without rocking. We ensure the cabinets are at equal height and the pitch, if any, is minimal and directed toward the sink.
  2. Prep the seams. Wherever two pieces of the soapstone countertop will meet during installation, we cut a series of grooves to provide more surface area for better adhesion.
  3. Check the alignment. Before we continue the process, we ensure the sink bolts and cutouts align properly and will brace properly when installed. We address any alignment corrections necessary before moving on in the process.
  4. Position the soapstone countertop pieces. To install the soapstone countertop, we lay the stones into position over the top of the cabinets and sink cutout, ensuring the pieces are flush and rest directly on the cabinet frame.
    Note: There is no need to install a plywood piece under soapstone countertops as the cabinets offer enough support.
  5. Join the slabs. In areas where two countertop pieces meet, we apply an adhesive to the inner edges of the slabs—where we created grooves earlier—then push the slabs back together and allow them to set.
  6. Smooth out the seams. When set, excess adhesive is scraped away and a sander is used to smooth out and blend in the seam.  
  7. Set the sink. The sink is then able to be set, bolted, clamped, and sealed into place.

Customers Love Our DIY Soapstone Kit!

“I wanted to send a thanks because we love this soapstone!  I was a bit nervous about buying stone from out of state and having it shipped to us in Maine but we love to DIY so it was a perfect fit for us! You guys made it easy.”

MacEachern Family, Maine

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