Soapstone Videos

Explore our collection of informational videos to learn more about soapstone, including details about classic soapstone varieties, virtual tours of the quarries we work with, and repair and maintenance tips for soapstone countertops. Hosted by M Teixeira Soapstone founder Rogerio Teixeira, our how-to videos provide soapstone repair and installation tips, while informational clips explain the differences between slate and soapstone or show how our professionals fabricate and install natural stone surfaces. You’ll even get to explore our design centers and soapstone showrooms. After exploring these videos, request a quote for your own soapstone installation project.

Buyer Beware, Slate Sold
For Soapstone

Removing Beard Dye From Soapstone Countertop

San Francisco Design Center M Teixeira Soapstone Showroom

M Teixiera Soapstones TV Commercial

Soapstone Countertops by M Teixeira Soapstone – Including Fabrication and Installation

Stormy Black Soapstone

Santa Rita Soapstone

Alberene Soapstone

Barroca Soapstone

Barroca Soapstone Quarry

Soapstone Block Cutting

How to Care, Maintain and Clean Soapstone Countertops

Featured Stones from Our Soapstone Collection

How to Repair a Scratch on a Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone Quarry in Brazil

Pizza stretching on Soapstone Countertop

Martha Stewart on Her Love of Soapstone