Classic Marble Countertops and Tile

Using Marble for Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces

Choose classic marble countertops or accents to complement your existing or new soapstone kitchen or bathroom installation: The bright hues and bold veining in this natural stone make it the perfect accent to pair with the deep, decadent color of soapstone. Coordinate White Italian Carrera Marble countertops with a soapstone backsplash for a striking contrast in the kitchen. Or, opt for soapstone countertops and choose one of our striking Dolomitic Marble varieties as a tile backsplash or to top a kitchen island. For another stunning combination, choose slip-resistant soapstone floor tiles in the bathroom, then select a marble vanity top.

What Is the Difference Between Soapstone and Marble?

Soapstone is a quarried natural metamorphic rock that’s non-porous and easy to maintain. Though it does not require sealing or treatment, periodic maintenance is recommended. Since soapstone is made primarily of talc, this soft natural stone won’t crack but is more prone to scratching. Soapstone color ranges from light to dark gray with white veining in varying intensities. 

Natural marble is a quarried sedimentary rock in colors from white or very light with dark veining that varies from minimal to dramatic. Marble kitchen and bathroom countertops and products look beautiful, especially when paired with soapstone, but remember that marble surfaces require maintenance to look their best and prevent staining and etching. If sealing and treating marble surfaces seems daunting, a popular solution is to choose soapstone for high-use areas such as countertops and select marble as an accent stone.

Featured Classic Marble Varieties

Dolomitic Marble 

Dolomitic marble is popular for kitchen and bathroom countertops and comes in several varieties differing in vein pattern and intensity, including:

  • Calcutta Diamond
  • Calcutta Black & White
  • Pegasus 
  • Dolce Vita 

White Carrara Italian Marble

Considered a premium marble, Carrara Italian is commonly used in statues and commercial facilities but is becoming more popular in residential applications.

Carrara marble is quarried in Italy and is known for its off-white color and soft veining.

Oyster White Marble

Oyster White is a variety of marble that is first mined in Africa, before it is sent to Italy to be cut into slabs.

It gets its name from its unique patterning that resembles oyster shells. Choose the Oyster White Marble variety for your countertops, walls, fireplaces, or other natural stone installation.

Clients should be aware that, unlike soapstone, marbles are porous stones that can stain and require proper sealing to prevent these stains. We are happy to discuss these details with you so you know how to take care of your marble. Learn more about the differences between and best uses for soapstone and marble in our natural stone buying guide.