Why Are Dolomitic Marbles So Special?

Besides the looks, dolomitic marbles are more durable than “regular” marbles due to their unique mineral composition of mostly Dolomite, Pyroxene and Calcite.

Below are some facts from lab tests of several samples from the “Pegasus” quarry, where several dolomitic marbles are quarried.

Material Comparison with Super White (in parenthesis)
Another Popular Dolomitic Marble

Compressive Strength(Mpa) : 134.6 (121.72)
Material Density(Kg/m3) : 2,892 (2,837)
Water Absorption: 0.10 (0.18)
Apparent Porosity: 0.27 (0.53)
Fissure Resistance: 0.63 ( 0.32)
Cracking Resistance: 0.68 ( 0.37)

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